Dichroic Fused Glass Cotton Candy Pendants

by Sandi Uhlman.
(Cumming, Georgia USA)

I live in the foothills of the GA mountains and have just started making glass jewelry in my basement studio. It is so much fun!


I am disabled and this allows me the opportunity to do something I love while making money. Now its the making money part I need to figure out! I have a shop on Etsy and have sold a few things.


Not sure what else to do or where to go. Any ideas would be great!

I am not sure I could physically handle a crafts fair or such. I have told all my friends and hope to get some stuff to sell in stores.


Sandi Uhlman
Forest of Glass at Etsy

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  • Chris says:

    Your work is really beautiful! Best of luck getting your business up and running.

  • claudia from Philadelphia says:

    Wow! Your stuff is amazing. I will look for you on Etsy. I have been wanting to learn how to do this. Would you consider selling me a tutorial? Two years ago I looked at (google images) other peoples dichroic glass online looking for the best work and trying to find out if they would also teach me. The only other work I liked as much as yours was from a guy who called himself “the indiana glass man”. But at that time he did not offer to teach. You might like to see his work if he’s still around. I suggest you Google him. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Linda Soderfelt says:

    The pieces you show here are wonderful. I especially love the one with the tree. I had no idea a person could make dicroic beads at home. I am disabled too and am wishing I could make my ‘hobby’ into a way to make a little money. I’m definitely going to visit your shop at Etsy!

  • sandi says:

    Thanks so much for all your positive feedback. Any ideas on how to handle selling online ( my etsy store isnt doing much) or how to do crafts fairs with out killing yourself would be appreciated! Sandi

  • Ani says:

    I am starting my second year of jewelry making and selling. I have fibromyalgia, age 65. I sold at 8 craft shows so far. I learned that I loved the small shows or festivals…maybe a Farmer’s Market, church or school festival, local orchard, library, etc. I actually sold very well and could enjoy it without getting too tired. Take as little set up as possible to avoid stress. Ask a friend to man your table mid day so you can take a break. Make your table eye catching, not eye level. Wear your own jewelry. Don’t shedule shows too close to each other. I loved selling this way as long as I kept it from being too big a deal. Schlepping my stuff was exhausting and then you aren’t at your best with your customers. I also have my jewelry in 2 art galleries and I joined the local Craft Cooperative group. Email me if you want to chat more. I love your jewelry, especially the tree. I plan on taking a course this year in dichroic glass making. Happy times!
    Ani, GlimmerGlo Beaded Jewelry Designs

  • sandi says:

    Ani, would like to talk more… we have lots in common. How do I find your email address?

  • Linda Soderfelt says:

    Just thought I would let you know, I failed to locate you at Etsy. When I tried “forest of glass” I got every artist with the word forest or glass in their items they were selling. When I typed in your name, nothing came up. I did find you on pinterest though. I love what you are doing and I hope that people start to find you and recognize your talent and what unique and beautiful work you do.

  • sandi says:

    Hi Linda, Thanks for your nice comments and encouragement! If you type in
    http://forestofglass.etsy.com or forestofglass with no spaces you should get it. Let me know if you dont! Thanks

  • Sheryl says:

    Sandi, when I was starting out, and only doing jewelry, I enlisted a friend to host a home party. Jewelry is one of the easier products to transport. Your hostess would have their home “spiffed” up for guests, so you would already have a nice foundation to show off your jewelry. With only a little effort, you can make an attractive display using a few platters, bowls, etc. Maybe your hostess could even provide those. Depending on how much inventory you have, you may be able to get by with carrying only 2 or 3 boxes. Would that fit your health concerns? You would have a nice area to sit and rest occasionally, too. Sign up with Square, or some other free (They actually charge per swipe, but it’s worth it.) credit card plan online, and you’ll have a good afternoon or evening. Good luck!

  • Sheryl says:

    Forgot to add…Once you build a few clients who have actually seen your work, the word of mouth will eventually build your Etsy shop a bit. Etsy’s a tough venue, especially for jewelry…Way too many shops to get a lot of traffic without a personal connection of some sort.

  • Val says:

    Hi Sandi,
    There are a lot of creative ways of free marketing on the internet. I would recommend trying Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr. Half the battle is being seen (I think). You may want to consider blogging too. Not only is it great for yourself, it is a way for potential customers to get to know you. In regards to Etsy it is important to work on your relevancy and SEO. You will find lots of help in the forums there on showing up for often in searches. Your work is beautiful and once you get some traction on Etsy I am sure your business will take off!

  • Sandi Uhlman says:

    Hi everyone! An update from me. A lot has happened this past year since I wrote the above post. My father died and I also lost my dog who was a good buddy. I decieded to sell my house of 18 years and move near my mom. Sold it and moved to a much smaller place …I am queen of downsizing. Have now settled and set up studio ,but find I am hesitant to jump in and get started. Someone suggested I just go and play and dont put prussure on myself to make stuff to sell. Any other ideas?
    I now live in beautiful Lake Wylie Sc right on the lake!Also have been selling on website but not as much as I would like as I havent really put time into it.
    Thanks to all who have commented and bought my jewelry!!

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