Devotional Yemanya Necklace

by Carolina Gonzalez.
(Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain)

CHernandez: Devotional Yemanya Necklace 1

This piece is my most recent custom commission for a dearest patron; a devotional necklace for Yemanya, Orisha of the Sea and Mother of all Orishas.

As well as an artist, I am a Spiritual Worker, so I get this kind of commissions for devotional sculpted pieces regularly, as my customers know that they are getting not only a finely crafted piece, but also a piece of strong spiritual connection.

CHernandez: Devotional Yemanya Necklace 2

The pendant was completely hand-sculpted in polymer clay, without the use of any molds, hand-painted and patinaed to enhance texture and shine.

Then, beads of all kinds were used – from my own hand-sculpted polymer clay beads, to vintage glass, mother of pearl, lapislazuli, magnesite, hand-blown glass from India and many others.

CHernandez: Devotional Yemanya Necklace 3

I absolutely loved this challenge, not only because of its deeply spiritual nature, but also because I was given complete creative freedom by my patron, with whom I’ve been working for years.

Carolina Gonzalez
Camino De Yara

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