Depth and Simple Complexity

by Cindy Brockway.
(Murphy, North Carolina USA)

CBrockway: Depth and Simple Complexity 1

With the beginning of the craft show season upon us, our goal was to improve and maximize our display space by offering continuity, depth and simple complexity. With the assistance of my husband we were able to infuse simple design with powerful, thematic impact!

CBrockway: Depth and Simple Complexity 2

Utilizing the rich, organic patterns in natural wood, my husband artfully designed pedestals of varied heights to create an appealing, captivating jewelry display.

CBrockway: Depth and Simple Complexity 3

Together, we opted for a darker stain to generate depth and provide a strong focal point in our presentation.

The mix of natural straw and wood visually enhance our display and captured ones attention by offering the eye texture and drama.

CBrockway: Depth and Simple Complexity 4

Employing differing heights, contrast in color and a mix of textures subliminally invite our customers to explore varied plains and to engage in the story being portrayed in our small exhibit.

Cindy Brockway
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  • Those risers look great! What a smart idea.

  • Joan Phillips says:

    Great job Cindy! Your setup is well thought out & visually appealing! Love the new risers.

  • Your new wooden display pedestals are very attractive. I also like the use of the rocks as a way to showcase some of your jewelry. Love all the organic textures and elements in your display. Your booth feels both organic and upscale. Beautifully done, Cindy and Hubby!

  • Beautiful Cindy! You are lucky to have a husband who will help you and make your pedestals, I’m jealous! Elegantly simple and very appealing to the eye.

  • Those are beautiful! I always prefer stain as opposed to paint on wood. The grain of wood is so lovely especially when accented with stain, oil, or wax.
    You sure do have a great hubby :^)

  • I love your tent setup as well as the individual display components. You figured a really nice way to hide the detracting elements of a tent setup.

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