Decadence 2 Wrap for Jewelry Boxes

by Brenda Braun.
(Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada)

Decadence2 Jewelry Box Wrap

I love the way that ribbons and bows look on jewelry boxes but Im rather a fumble fingers when it comes to tying a bow, especially after a sale when Im so excited to see one of my creations go to a new home!

I decided to come up with a way I could wrap a box with a handcrafted (of course!) decoration that would tie in my shop colors and make it easy on me.

While browsing through a local fabric warehouse, I came upon baby blue stretch lace….hmmm…. so pretty and the right color! I decided to get some to experiment with, when I went to check out and found that the lace was only 10 cents a yard…I bought it ALL…

I use the stretch lace in 2 lengths (one for large necklace boxes and bracelet boxes and one for ring and long thin boxes), I staple the ends to a small round piece of cardstock (use a paper punch), cut a strip of crepe paper and form into a medallion shape, glue to the top of the cardstock, a dot of glue in the center and glass glitter in silver finish off the medallion.

I made over 100 of these in an evening sitting in front of the tv, working like and assembly line.

I wrap the jewelry item in tissue, lay it in a box then slip one of these wraps over the box.

I use them both in my brick & mortar shop and when I ship from the sites I sell from online.

Its different and special….I hope you get some inspiration from this to make your own unique box wrap!

Brenda Braun
Decadence2Jewelry on Etsy


Beautiful Wrap
by: MJB

Your creative skills never cease to amaze me, keep up the inspirational work!

Gorgeous Way to Decorate a Jewelry Gift Box
by: Rena

Lovely colors, beautiful idea.

The fact that it’s handcrafted enhances what’s inside!

Thanks so much for sharing this useful and attraction solution, Brenda.

Fun Inspirations
by: Renee

What a great idea! I will try it, and experiment with other ideas similar.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Beautiful Box and Ideas
by: Anonymous

This is really beautiful ideas. The boxes(cardboard or cotton filled boxes are cheap) and the ribbon is also cheap. But the presentation making the packaging like a high end store. Lovely ideas.

I have a question about shipping using the box. Are you shipping out like that or are you using a different box?

by: Anna W.

Such a simple design and awesome without a great deal of expense. The wrap does look quite nice.
Thanks for sharing the idea.

thank you for sharing!
by: LeAnne

This is beautiful, thank you for sharing. I usually just tie a ribbon around the box but this can be so much more personalized, and it’s re-usable, which makes it nice and green!

Dear Brenda, i just love …
by: shray

to see, what the human mind can come up with. this is just plain and


congrats, what a wonderful imagination you have.
thanks , sometimes it is so easy to over think things.
one can get lost in the process. but you, … created while,

SHOPPING !!!!!! again WOW

thanks for showing us all, we can create on our feet and most of the
time trust it the ideas..

so fun,

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