Dearest Treasure Necklace

by Kristine Schroeder.
(Northern Wisconsin USA)

Drawing from Victorian hair art and Art Nouveau grace, I created this experimental festoon necklace titled “Dearest Treasure”.

Detail view of the Dearest Treasure festoon

Detail view of the Dearest Treasure festoon

This necklace is made of wire: sterling silver, 12k yellow goldfill, and 12k rose goldfill.

Attached to a triangular wire base, the festoon part depicts a garland of wire sculpted roses spilling over itself, accented by green tourmaline leaves and cultured pearl baby’s breath.

Dearest Treasure Necklace

Dearest Treasure Necklace

Most of the roses are set with gem beads, spelling the word “DEAREST”: (black) diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline. The chain is hand-sculpted in sterling silver wire, as is the hook clasp.

The festoon measures approximately 2 inches by 2 inches.
None of this is soldered, I don’t know how to solder.

Everything is stitched together with fine-gauge wire.
This year, I gave myself permission to experiment wildly with wire!

Kristine Schroeder
Kristine Schroeder Studio
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