Dangling Dilemma: Chain, Cord or Other?

by Ann Widner.
(United States)

tree at dawn polymer photo pendant

Tree at Dawn Photo Pendnant

I’ve been making resin photo jewelry for several years, and I have my resin process pretty well down-pat. I used to sell my photo pendants without cord or chain, but I’ve found that many people want to purchase pendants with some sort of chord/chain on them. I’ve been having problems finding the right kind to use. Every few months I switch to a different type, and I’d like to finally settle on something that works well and is not too expensive.

At first I purchased pre-made ribbon and cord necklaces, but the only ones I found were too short and so poorly constructed that they fell apart easily.

Then I tried using silver-plated ball chains. I really liked them because they can be easily cut with a scissors to the desired length, but I found that they tarnish quickly.

purple jasper photo pendant

Purple Jasper Photo Pendant

After that, I switched to faux leather cord with lobster clasps and extender chains. Unfortunately, the glue I used to secure the cord ends made the leather cord brittle, and so the leather kept breaking right near the cord ends.

Then I tried using silk and satin cord with lobster clasps and extender chains, but since my pendants are fairly lightweight, the lobster clasps kept sliding and ending up on the front of the necklace. This is bothersome for people because they have to keep putting the lobster claps back behind their necks.

Pink Blossoms Photo Pendant

Pink Blossoms Photo Pendant

I don’t want to go back to selling my pendants without anything to hang them on, but I’m really at my wits end with the cord/chain issue.

Does anyone have suggestions??

Ann Widner
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