Cynthia’s Custom Necklace: The successful struggle

by Diana Redlin.

This necklace was my first custom piece.

My best friend commissioned it and we collaborated on it in very general ways. These ways were; how long it was going to be, what colors and what shape the components would be. Then I began.

My own ideas were for the design on each triangle, how many there would be and how big they would be. They are between 2″-1″ big and they are doubled. I also made the toggle clasp closure.

This project turned out to be a VERY BIG challenge! There were so many things that I hadn’t thought of. And it took what seemed like forever to finish.

Many times I just wanted to throw in the towel. I think I remember crying at one point (probably blocked it out?). And I was sooooo glad it was for my best friend because it made me “work for it”.

In the process I gained design techniques, pushed my envelope very close to the edge and used a ton of beading thread!

I also will know what I need to consider taking on any other custom piece.

Just one example for the above challenges: I got all my triangles finished. I strung them all and it looked great. Then I tried it around my neck and AAAARRRGGGHHH, the triangles kept popping up!

I could not get them to lay flat. Especially the ones at the neck. Turn your head and the muscles of your neck move and pop goes the triangle. Or lean down and pick something up and pop go several triangles.

Back to the drawing board.

I found out I needed to weigh them down. Which in turn meant I had to make the holes bigger to insert beads for the weights which caused the bead to open too wide and in some cases come completely undone (uh-hmmm….using the wrong thread!).

So you get the idea.

But the finished product is one I am so proud of and happy to share here.


Diana Redlin
By My Hands jewelry

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