Custom Embellishments Jewelry Earring Cards

by Jennifer Patrow.
(Cottage Grove, Minnesota, USA)

When I make my earring cards, I use a scrapbook punch for the cardstock back. I use sticky dots to add a cut out cardstock front (to make the cards sturdy).

I have all my info printed on the front of my earring cards, and on the back I write the components used to make the earrings – and the price on a sticker that can be taken off for gift giving.

Jennifer Patrow
Custom Embellishments Jewelry


Lovely Effect with Double Cards
by: Rena


I love the double-card look! I would never have thought of that, but it’s a neat effect and probably makes your cards sturdier too.

Thanks for sharing your lovely cards – and this great idea!


Scrapbook punch
by: Veronica

Looks wonderful, I have been looking for a scrapbood punch that size. Where can I obtain one and about how much do the cost?
Scrapbook punch
by: Anonymous

I have found all of my earring card and tag supplies at Michaels.

Earring Cards
by: Teri Baskett

I’m also wanting to make our own, in order to put them in a store, I want a cohesive “look” that ties cards, tags, etc., all together. Do you also hang these? If so, how.

by: Kris

This is a great look. I just used plastic earring displays for my earring stand but I’m going to try this out instead. Love it!

Where to find earring card hangers
by: Jen

Hi Teri,

Rings and Things carries the earring card backs. They are self stick, but I do cut a little off the bottom, (the punch will not go through the plastic).

I go to the Rings and Things trunk shows to stock up on stone. If you spend over $100 at a trunk show you get a coupon for free shipping. That is when I stock up on supplies or buy heavy items like a bench block.

Sticky dots?
by: Patricia

These are lovely – but what are sticky dots?


Awesome Earring Cards
by: Kathie Liounis

Your earring cards are awesome! I love them. Thank you for sharing them with all of us!

Paper Punches
by: Helene

Hiya, Jen and Teri and all the rest of you. To make the wee holes for the earring wires you can use a shoemaker’s awl and you can find all sizes at places like Rona Lansing, Home Depot etc. Clover makes a really good awl as well. Put the paper on a block of wood, place the awl where you want the hole, give it a quick bang of your hammer: and bob’s your uncle, you have a small hole for the earring wire.

Or you can get a punch set used in bookbinding. I got my set for $1.00CAD at Dollarama – where everything is a buck. It’s my favourite store.

Well, that’s what I think.
Helene ~

Jewelry Design
by: Emilie

Nice designs.
If you are interested in similar designs, take a look at

card hangers
by: Anonymous

couldd not find the cards on rings & things site found them on etsy.

by: dawn

I love this! I am looking for a barrette slitter. I have barrette cards that I need to make a straight lind down the middle. Where can I get a line punch or a slitter?

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