Crohn’s Disease…So What!

by Twiggy.
(Vancouver, Washington, USA)

“Almond” Turquoise Necklace and Earrings

My name is Twiggy and I have Crohn’s disease. When I have a flare, I can be quite ill, am bed ridden for weeks, medicated and sometimes hospitalized.

I have 2 businesses. I am an Independent Compliance Consultant for the states of WA and NV (which is a REALLY high stress biz but pays my most of my bills) and I have my jewelry business.

Because I get ill and can be down for weeks, I had to have a way of making a living, as employers aren’t always OK with hiring someone who is sick for the amount of time I can be.

I can still make a living and pay by bills all from my bed when I need to. Although Compliance pays the majority of my bills and I do most of it online, my jewelry biz saves my sanity and keeps me from being bored and depressed out of my skull.

I can bead from bed, take pix from my bed, upload and update my websites and e-stores from my bed.

Crohn’s Disease is an auto-immune disease so I don’t spend a whole lot of time in public (so I am not exposed to other sick people) so making and selling jewelry really has made my “down time” bearable.

Some of my best work has been when I was sick!

I guess my point is no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome it with the right attitude, support, creativity and initiative.

I can make both my businesses work without even leaving my house!

I have an eBay store, Yahoo store and Etsy store. I take all my own photos with items from around my home and do all the work on my websites, stores and blogs.

Although the jewelry sales has its ups and downs, it is a business nonetheless and I am proud of what I have accomplished with what little I started with.

Anyone can prosper with the right attitude, and wealth is not measured by money alone. This business has brought me a lot of joy when I needed it, new and great friends and a way to express myself though my art.

If I can do this, YOU can do this!

To see my website and stores:
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Creating Your Own Success
by: Rena


I love your so-what attitude toward Crohn’s, and how you’ve figured out ways to keep doing what you want to do despite any obstacles.

Also, I truly believe that creative endeavors and working on things we enjoy is one of the most healing things we can do! Making jewelry and writing pulled me through my toughest time.

You’re so right that wealth is not measured by money alone. Most of the “wealthiest” people I know are also the unhappiest.

Thank you for sharing your story of creating your own success and living your dreams!

Healing prayers and wishes to you, and keep creating your lovely jewelry!


Thank you Rena!
by: Twiggy

Thank you so much for your lovely comments Rena! I so enjoy reading your newsletters every month and your jewelry is fabulous! Your tips and advise has gotten me this far in this crazy biz and I never concentrate on the bad things in life. I hope sharing my story will help others to overcome their fears and obstacles and go for it!


Me too
by: Anonymous

I’ve been laid low with a digestive disease as well and making jewelry has saved my sanity this year! I’m able to do all my online listing from home and have a studio in my basement for all my metal smithing. People don’t know how sick I really am because I’ve been able to go full steam ahead with my business.

I hear ya!
by: Twiggy

Isn’t the internet great! Even though I have been without a flare up for a few months now, while I am down or when I have bad tummy days, I can still operate both my businesses from my bed or couch if need be. As long as I have my laptop and wireless network set up, I am in biz! I would be BONKERS if I didn’t have my jewelry to keep me sane and to focus on creating some beauty during dark times. Good luck to you and your biz!


Good on you!!!!
by: veronica

Hi Twiggy,
I like the layout of your estore and your jewellery. As you say when you put your mind to something you will achieve it regardless of your circumstances. I pray that the good Lord will see you through your illness and He will lay his healing hands upon you and all that you plan to do just trust in Him your healing is on the way.

God bless

good on you Twiggy
by: Lina

Twiggy, i like what you write and I wish you luck on your beadig journey.
My experience sounds similar to yours in that I also make what I like and if other people like it great. I give away a lot of jewellery as well.

It has been great because as well as learning lots of techniques you learn about the web and sales and marketing.

I agree with you that as long as you are enjoying it you don’t have to make lots of money.

good luck to you.

Lina of ZaniL Design Jewellery

by: Anonymous

I too have Crohn’s and do most of my work from bed. My laptop runs my business and I can write, design, bead and knit from bed. Glad to hear someone else does the same thing! All the best to you!

by: Anonymous

Wow! I am soooooo pleased will all the positive comments! Thanks to all for your blessings and good wishes! Although I shouldn’t say “I’m glad I’m not the only one”, it is nice to know that there are others who have decided as I have, not to let something that can be so awful, come in between themselves and success!

Life is what you make it and you do what you have to get through it in as little “pieces” as possible. I’ve never seen anyone go to their grave in “one piece” so to speak, so making my jewelry, collecting beads, and learning about the jewelry biz (there are so many facets to this “gem” of a biz!) keeps me sane when I feel I am going to “pieces” from the pain, meds, boredom, loss of freedom etc….

Again, the internet makes this and my Compliance biz possible. It is a really great thing to be able to make your income from pushing buttons and never having to leave your house if you are in a position that you can’t or shouldn’t. If I get a simple cold or flu bug, it could turn into a flare and then I am down for weeks, sometimes months. So, I can’t do the shows, farmer’s markets etc…and expose myself to the masses BUT I have an UNLIMITED market on the net. Yes, it still takes time and networking, but the market is there if you just “push buttons” and look. AND, most of it is free! There are no admission costs, travel costs, etc….

Thanks again for all the support! I firmly believe anyone can do this if they have the right attitude. Good luck to you all!


I couldn’t agree more!
by: Sharon

Thanks to all of you so much for pointing out the blessings that those of us with Crohn’s Disease have found in our jewelry making. I was able to work full time until I retired last year, but when I came home from work to collapse on the couch, I found myself making jewelry instead. It quickly took my mind off my Crohn’s and I fine creating jewelry is even more rewarding now that I have more time to work on it. The great thing is when the Crohn’s is active, I can slow the pace or skip a day if I need to. We are never to old to make jewelry. I didn’t start until I was in my late 50’s. It was the right time; I would have been much to impatient earlier in my life. My best to those of you who deal with Crohn’s or other auto-immune conditions. Keep making beautiful things, one bead at a time!

Sharon Harris

Love this article
by: Anonymous


i have a serious form of RA and know where you are coming from. Thank God for Rena, and Thank god for jewelry making! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the beautiful work.

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