Cristina’s Zen Place

by Cristina Dias.

CDias:  Cristina's Zen Place 1

Adoro fazer bijutarias de qualquer tipo. Ao fazer as minhas peças fico zen ; como se fosse terapia anti stress.

CDias:  Cristina's Zen Place 2

CDias:  Cristina's Zen Place 3

I love making jewelery of any kind. When I make pieces it’s very zen; as if it were anti-stress therapy.

CDias:  Cristina's Zen Place 4

Cristina Dias
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  • I love jewelry anti-stress therapy too, Cristina! 🙂 And I like the happy sparkly feel of the jewelry you make.

  • Joybelle says:

    I definitely relate to being in that zone! I am lost if I do not create pieces of jewelry daily to the point where I have so many bracelets in my collection you would think I had a physical storefront. I find peace when I am making jewelry but the downside is my website store is suffering because it takes time to take pictures, make sure they are ok to post, them post the items, catalog each piece…and the list goes on. Not complaining but it gets hard doing it alone, wish I had a partner who is a passionate as I am to do the backend work. Anyway, love the crosses, they are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  • MyCarolAnne says:

    I thought I was the only one who gets dragged down with all of the back end work. I let my photo taking go until I have 50 pieces or more because of the time and set up process. Then it takes days to edit, inventory, and get ready to post. But I do wear and show all of these pieces as I make them. So they get advertised.

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