Creative Marketing Tool: Lapel Pins

by Paula Hisel.

I have a fairly new jewelry business (about 2 1/2 years old) and am always looking for ways to get my name out there.

I recently started making a new line of lapel pins out of small wood pieces I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The have fun sayings, pictures, logos, etc., so there is something for everyone.

Paula Hisel’s lapel pins serve as a creative marketing tool
for her jewelry business, while helping fans support
their University of Kentucky team.

College sports season in Kentucky is in full swing, and everyone loves a creative way to show their support for the home team.

As my pins are fairly inexpensive to make, I started making University of Kentucky pins for football season. I’m not sure what the rules are about selling sports paraphernalia, so I started attaching the pins to my business cards and handing them out for free to potential customers.

I have given baskets of the pins to my friends and family to share with their coworkers and clients as they go about their daily routine.

Not only do people get a free way to support their team, but I am getting my name out there.

It’s been fun to see the pins showing up on random people around town. And business has picked up on my website!

Every Simply Beadiful order in the month of September
comes with a free scrabble-tile “I heart Simply Beadiful” pin.
Pins by Paula Hisel.

Author Paula Hisel of Simply Beadiful loves creating beautiful things – the more colorful and fun, the better! Making jewelry started out as a form of stress relief and turned into a great passion for her. Paula loves making custom jewelry orders!

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