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by Sarah Berman.

This is my third business card design. Now I included some pieces of my jewelry and used a “ton-sur-ton” colors. I made my own design using Photoshop, and printed it in my house (inkjet printer).

Sarah Berman
Creative Art Center


Artistic business card
by: Rena

I love this card, Sarah! The background is a great color, and the attractive leafy background pattern adds interest without distracting.

Also I love how you arranged the samples of your polymer clay work on the card layout, and how the text is organized.

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous, professional looking business card with us!

What a GREAT idea!
by: Melanie at Body & Soul Jewelry

I love this card design! I’m in the process of redesigning mine and yours gives me so many new ideas! It actually never occurred to me to use more than one picture of my work! I also don’t think I ever would have considered using a background with an image in fear it would make the card look too busy when also using my own photos, but yours looks GREAT. Now I just wish I had more advance Photoshop skills! (Photoshop Elements, in my case.) Thanks so much.


Great Design
by: SterlingCrystal

My eyes are immediately drawn to your business name in the centre, but as it is framed by your pieces, I am also taking them in at the same time. I also think that you have used colour well, the background is pretty and makes your card stand out, however it doesn’t overpower your pieces.

Can I ask what type of paper/card you use to print your own at home?

Sam Ryder

by: Janine

Love the background! I did something similar with my new floral Photoshop paintbrushes in gauzy layers for Rena. I love working with Photoshop! Kudos for using pretty blues and a nice gradient!

Thank you
by: Sarah Berman

Hi Sam,

I use the Avery #8869 to print my Business Cards.

Thank you all for your nice comments!


Love the cards!
by: Jim Osment

I love your new cards.I have been making some of my own recently, but yours are better.I’ve done two now so hoping my third will be great also.
Excellent, thanks for sharing.

Business cards
by: Linda

Sara you did a great job. I love your design its beautiful. I need to get Photoshop so I can start designs my own cards for my business. Thanks for sharing.

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