Crazy Lace Agate Beaded Bezel Ring

by Lisa Coppola.


This is hands down my favorite variety of crazy lace agate. I love the rusty reds, sultry greys and creamy whites.

This is a coin bead which has been captured in a white and grey peyote stitched bezel and embellished with cloud white facted crystals and cherry red seed beads.


The band is peyote stitched independently with matching white and red seed beads and sewn to the cab in the final step.

This is a ring for a person who talks with their hands (like me). It is big and flashy and definitely makes a statement.



Lisa Coppola
BevaStyles at Etsy


Big and Loud
by: Asteria

I love this ring, the colour is subtle yet the size screams ‘look at me’. great work!

Your Ring
by: Kathleen Davis

Wow, a show stopper. I love this ring. I love crazy lace agate too. You did a wonderful job beading this. Big rings are so popular and this one is gorgeous.
Kathleen Davis
Kathleen Davis Designs

Agate beaded ring
by: Rena

Gorgeous in every way, Lisa! I love even the tiniest detail of red beads bordering the creamy whites around the stone – the red accents the agate wonderfully. Thanks so much for sharing this inspiring, artistic ring!

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