Copycats with Cameras: How Do I Get Them Out of My Booth?

by Laura Montenegro.

I really enjoy your newsletter. I have a question. I know that “imitation is the biggest form of flattery,” but in Flagstaff, AZ where I was trying to sell my jewelry this summer, I found that many people would come up and scrutinize my work, and then walk off without a word. I know they were looking at it to figure it out so they could go home and copy it.

I have even enclosed a picture that shows one of them taking a picture of it! (Far right is someone holding a camera phone in one hand and coffee in the other. )

Although throughout the summer, people often look at my things to get ideas on how to make something for themselves, I was so shocked by the lack of manners that they left me dumbfounded.

How would you have handled this situation? Please advise me as I doubt I am the first person this has happened to!

Laura Montenegro
Gypsy Cowgirl Jewelry

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