Coordinating with Color Fashion Trends at Shows

by Brenda Branson.
(Tega Cay, South Carolina)

Jewelry by Brenda Branson, displayed with swatches of Pantone colors

When asked to do a trunk show at The Gift Gallery in Tappahannock, VA, I planned my display around the Pantone Fall Fashion color forecast.

(Actually, I always carry the color chart with me to bead shows, shopping trips, etc. and try to build designs based on the “big” upcoming color schemes.)

Matted photos from fashion magazines add to the display’s stylishness

My display included, of course, my jewelry, which was color coordinated with the Pantone Color Palette, 1/4 yard pieces of cotton fabric matching each of the colors – really inexpensive at a local fabric store, matted photos from fashion magazines, catalogs, flyers, etc of new styles, and a framed picture of the color chart, itself.

I wanted to show how my jewelry matched new designs currently in stores at Ann Taylor, Chicos, Belks, Coldwater Creek, etc. (and yes, I left store names showing, if possible).

One sales pitch that I used was to update what’s already in your closet to match the Fall Colors by adding a new piece of jewelry. After all, people most often notice jewelry before they notice the outfit!

My space was a bit limited but it was a nice display. You can read more about the show on my blog:

Brenda Branson
My Sister’s Beads


Absolutely brilliant idea!
by: Rena

Wow! Your fantastic use of color makes a statement from across the room. What a great idea – and I love your use of matted fashion photos in the Pantone colors as well.

Also an ingenious idea to carry the Pantone chart everywhere with you, to help you stay in step with the upcoming color schemes.

Lots of wonderful ideas here – and a jewelry display that’s a colorful treat for the senses!

Thanks so much for sharing your jewelry display with us.

love it
by: Jean

This display looks just great. It has given me a new little plan for the next show. While I am not much for making trendy items, I can see how I could incorporate current trends with my timeless items.
Thanks for this great marketing strategy.
Jean Menden

Love it!!!
by: Lynne Cirillo Creations

This is the best use of color! I love the photos showing the jewelry with an outfit. Some people need that visual to know how to put the jewelry with an outfit. Love this idea!
by: Anonymous

Love the way it looks very attractive

Color Trends
by: Arlene Williams

Beautiful display, I love the way you incorporated the fabric with the jewelry. Great job Brenda!

by: Traci

A veritable rainbow of jewels – LOVE IT!!!

Great idea!
by: Quotentials

Your display is very eye-catching…a great use of the color tool! After the shot of color got my attention, I noticed the vintage suitcase in the background. I have been saving one of those for years in the hopes of using it in my display, but haven’t worked the “kinks” out of my plan. Would you mind sharing exactly what you did to make the suticase work for you?

Vintage Suitcase
by: Anonymous

Glad to share … I pulled all of the lining out of the suitcase and used it as my pattern. I wanted to stay with the vintage look so I chose a black toile print with a yellowed/beige background fabric, matched coordinating trims, tassles, and pulled some old buttons out of the drawer. (I think it was a Waverly fabric remnant from an upholstery department.) Using the old suitcase liner pattern, I cut a new inside, lined the new fabric with tag board for stability and glued away. In the lid, I layered the tag board with a cotton quilt liner, and the fabric. I put four horizontal bands of the trim across the inside of the lid and tucked the ends under the lining and glued to support. For additional support on the horizontal bands, using upholstery thread, I sewed buttons through the three layers and trim and this supports earring cards for display. Small tassels hang over a couple of the buttons, just for fun. I used the trim to hinge the top to the bottom for lid support. To create a more finished look, I glued trim around the outer and inner edges where there were little gaps between the lining – I’m not real big on measuring. I’m using the suitcase again this week-end and will send some closer pictures when I get it set up, if you’d like. I was very pleased with the results. The inside still has the “old” look but a bit classier – the outside, I left as is, my jewelry display totes tend to get banged up anyway.

by: Anonymous

Ooh! I’d love to see close-ups. I was approached by a customer just this weekend about setting up a small “trunk” show at her school. This would be a great way to carry and display a small inventory of items. You may be my new best friend! 😉

by: Anonymous

Your display is so colorful and creative!! It really gives a feeling of excitement about what you are displaying. May I ask, what are you using behind the fabric swatches to hold up the jewelry?

by: Brenda

I’ve taken a black wire cube/basket, hinged the sides with wire so that it folds and then attached these curtain rings with clips to the top. I ran the fabrics through the rings, keeping it folded tightly in the ring but spreading the fabric more at the bottoms.

Colorful Display!
by: Bev

A real eye-catching display! I love lots of color. I especially love the kelly green bifold door/wall…Can you tell me about your table(s)? Did you keep one extremely low (lower than regular table height?) and one in the rear of that one counter height? If so, it gives the rear table height seems great letting you show what’s in the front table. The only thing I would do differently if I were to do something a little similar to this display would be not to match the fabric color with the same color jewelry but to match it with a color that would be opposite, making it all stand out even more.

All in all your display is beautiful and I love vintage cases and you have put a lot of thought and work into it. You seem to have a talent suited for displays. I bet you sold lots of items too.

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