Control Your Own Destiny with Your Creative Gift

by Lina Zielinski.
(Canberra, Australia)

Peyote and Ndebele – By ZaniL Design

Hello, My name is Lina and my Business is called ZaniL Design and I have been beading for about 5 years now.

I came across this site a year or 2 ago and it has been great, it has easy to use tips that help me improve my business as I go.

I find the inspirational stories just wonderful and sometimes they courage me to keep going and believing in what I am doing.

I have only just turned my hobby into a business and it has been a long and slow process, but with every step I am closer to getting my jewellery noticed and to become a brand one day.

My advice to anyone in this business it to have a go and start it. There is no bigger regret than to look back and wished you gave it a go.

I decided to do this full time recently after I was made redundant and with young children, I wanted some flexibility with work hours.

I am not making much yet, but one thing I have achieved is that I have so much more confidence at approaching and talking to people about my jewellery, I have learned a lot about computers, internet, blogs, business, so in some regards I am already winning.

The more you think and work towards a goal, it will be only a matter of time and not if that you will reach that goal.

This not only applies to this business but in anything you do.

Hope you enjoyed this article and I hope my designs on my blog are a delight to your eyes.


Please visit my blog:
ZaniL Design


Your Beadwork is Incredible!
by: Rena

Hi Lani,

I love your beadwork – the chunky, ethnic looking pieces in your photo here are wonderful. I also enjoyed seeing more of your treasures on your blog.

I so agree with “controlling your own destiny with your creative gift” – that’s what I’ve been doing for well over a decade, and it’s made me more happy, free, and prosperous than ever before.

Your example will be such a gift for your small children to grow up with.

Thank you so much for your kind words about my website, and for sharing your encouraging words and uplifting outlook here! :o)


Do it Until it Hurts, Then …
by: Helene

Hiya, Lani.

Do IT until it hurts, then do IT some more. Keep working at it, be consistent in your efforts.

Banish the ‘Not-Good-Enoughs’ and revel in the colours and textures that are in beads. If you can’t visit locally, visit on the web with brilliant craft artisans.

Look globally, and Shop locally. Soak up as much as you can. Be too busy to let the idea of quitting get at you.

Join groups and forums dedicated to your field and use what they have to offer. The art gallery, the craft councils, the bead societies all have wonderful things to offer that will help you get off the ground.

As Nike says, ‘Just Do IT!’ And as I say: ‘Do it until it hurts, then do it some more.’

Congratulations, Lani, and I wish for you great success in your future.

That’s what I think.
Helene ~

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