Combining My Passions for Unique Jewelry

by Ann Nolen.
(Santa Rosa, California, USA)

Crocodiles on Papua New Guinea coin, hand-painted and made into a pendant

I have been making and selling wire-wrap jewelry part-time for about 4 years, with moderate success. Fortunately I have a full time day job that pays well, so selling my jewelry was mostly for my fun and pleasure.

Unfortunately, that also removed any sense of urgency on being successful.

Then I stumbled across Rena’s website and starting reading the possibilities. I got excited about making my business a real success.

The one phrase that kept jumping out at me was “find your Niche.”

I knew in my heart that my jewelry looked too much like everyone else’s, and that just didn’t satisfy me artistically. I wanted to do something very special.

So after reading everything I could find, included all 3 of Rena’s books, and articles from Dr David Weiman (Rena’s friend), I decided to take a new look at my situation.

The solution was right in front of me!

For the last 15 years I have been an active member of my local coin club and collected foreign coins with animals on them. The designs are beautiful, the coins are reasonably priced.

So, the next 3 months I played “mad scientist” to develop a look I liked to combine foreign coins with jewelry making.

A couple months ago, I finally finished that phase and signed up to do my first show. I also brought along my old inventory, just in case.

Well, the results were much better than I had hoped for.

Not only was my booth busy with people asking questions and sticking around to look for long periods of time, but the sales were much better than I have ever done.

Even more telling, I didn’t sell even one piece of my old inventory that day.

After all the researching I had already done, I already knew what my next step would be. I started a website to begin marketing my two new combined passions with the world…

I know that as I continue with each step of this process of growing my business, I have a wonderful online resource to find answers, inspiration, and support.

Ann Nolen


Really Nice Coins!
by: Rita

First, I’d like to compliment your on your professionalism. The way you have put your site together, with a video too is really great. I enjoyed looking at your coins, you definitely have found a niche. It’s great to see something different!! I hope you will join our Home Based Jeweler’s Showcase.

i love you!
by: Linda Heiseri love you and how you are always renewing yourself, exploring, staying open, being creative and letting Life enfold in you! Congrats, and the end of the story is not writtien!!!became

Great Idea
by: Lynda

How original you found something that makes you happy and everyone likes. Keep up the good work. Finding a niche is hard. Keeping it simple is what makes it easy and fun.

Thanks for the feedback!
by: Ann Nolen

Thanks for your feedback and compliments! I agree that thinks of a niche for myself was very hard and took a while, but once I thought of it, it was so obvious. In hindsight, I should have been looking at what else in my life I was really passionate about and figure out how to bring that into the equation.
By the way, the website is a free one from Their site is so easy (drag & drop) and really allowed me to look professional without learning all the tech stuff. If you are thinking of a website soon, I recommend checking it out.

So Beautiful!
by: Jessica Poundstone, Jewelry By Jessica

I love the way your work enhances the intrinsic beauty of each coin without overpowering it. (And what a splendid thing to collect!) Will definitely be keeping in mind for future gifts!

by: Jennifer Cameron

You deserve all the success that comes your way. What a creative product you make and it is so beautiful! I just got back from an awesome trip to England and Ireland and have some coins. I might have to contact you about a custom order. I just need to take a look at whether any of them have a nice enough design to be worn.

Money makes money!
by: Arbie Goodfellow

Really like your coin jewelry. I have never seen anything like it before. Very original and beautiful. I think you found your “style”!!

Where do u get the coins?
by: Anonymous

Where do u find these different kind of coins? I went looking online and all i could find where coin collector sites and everything was $100, lol.

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