Colouring Shrink Plastic Jewelry: Best Colour Blend?

by beverley.
(Carnforth Lancashire)

Highly textured grunge backgroundI am new to making jewellery with shrink plastic.

Does anyone know what sort of medium I can use to colour shrink plastic?

I have tried water based pencils , ordinary pencils, pro markers, metallic pens and glitter pens, but they did not blend properly.

Any one got any ideas? Much appreciated.

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  • Have you tried alcohol inks? You can sponge them on with a bit of felt or a cotton swab. Just go light as they will darken as the plastic shrinks;)

  • Debbie Sosa says:

    I’ve used acrylic paint with no problem. Just keep it thinned, so when the plastic shrinks, it’s not too thick looking.
    Another way to color shrink plastic is using rubber stamped images using a permanent ink pad. You might even be able to use the permanent ink like watercolors.
    Good luck and let us see the final results!

  • Renee says:

    I love alcohol inks and they work great when it comes to blending. I’ve used acrylics that I’ve thinned down 25 to 50% also.
    Have fun with different mediums.
    Someone, can’t remember who, uses pastels (chalk) very lightly and it fuses into the plastic.

  • Barbara Darrington says:

    I have tried several different mediums. The effect that I liked the best was when I lightly sanded the plastic on both sides, and then used colored pencils. I used lavenders, blues, and fucia colors. When I baked the plastic, the surface became an opaque white with the colors blended together in a soft pastel. I liked that effect much better than the sharpe markers, the acrylics, and some of the other mediums I tried.

  • Melinda says:

    I tried painting watercolor paint from a tube on a rubber stamp. Turned out really pretty. Haven’t tested it with water after baking but planning to seal it to be sure it stays in place.

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