Coincidence or Serendipity

by Laura Castano.
( The Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts)

My Muse: Photo 1 – Red Leaves

This piece was made several months ago and I happen to have it on this morning and when I opened the newsletter and looked at the challenge I knew I just had to send this pic. I love carnelian- the dozens of shades and levels of translucence allow me a lot of room to play since I work almost exclusively in monochromatic palettes.

carnelian and wirework pendant

I’m an amateur wildlife biologist/botanist I always have field guides and binoculars in my purse. Most of my work has an organic sense and leaves in all shapes and sizes are the mainstay of my best selling collection- “EarthenWear”


The second pic is a piece in progress from my “On the Half Shell” collection that includes a leaf motif as a finishing touch for a red veined agate pendant.

Laura Castano
Copper Owl Jewelry

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