Coils and Scrolls Copper Bangle

by Zoraida.
(Patchogue, New York USA)


This copper bangle was made using a coiled wire piece I had started some time ago and put aside. I didn’t know where to go with it at the time. Every time I went through my stash it jumped out at me as if to say “finish me already!” So I finally did.

Clasp on top

Clasp on top

I added the wire that scrolls and wraps around the coiled base and created a clasp that would blend in. It looks great with the clasp on top or bottom.


I had just come back from seeing The Hobbit. I think it looks rather “Elvish”. That was not intentional but it works for me.


Zoraida Jewelry
Zoraida Jewelry at Artfire

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  • Colleen says:

    Love this piece! I really like the way you made it flow into the clasp. Looking at it, you wouldn’t know where the clasp was.

  • Diane (Dewdrop Designs) says:

    I LOVE your work. Not only do I just love it…..but your work inspires me so much. Often, when I’m not “feeling it” and think that a trip across the lawn to my studio is going to end in frustration (I’ve been beading for a while but have always wanted to get more into metalwork and am teaching myself), I take a look at your work and say to myself, “Practice. It’s OK if it doesn’t come out well the first few times, just keep practicing.” So, that you for sharing your work in the internet and inspiring me!

  • Diane says:

    Zoraida ~ Your work is so beautiful! I absolutely LOVE this bracelet! Kudos on continuing to progress in your art!

  • Rups says:

    Hi Zoraida:
    What a fabulous it is! I visited your store. Your jewelry is stunning.
    By the way, which camera do you use?
    I have cannon ES rebel t3 but picture doesn’t come out as nice as I make my jewelry.
    Thank you.

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