Clothespin Jewelry

by Ann Wittman.
(Estero, Florida USA)

I have been looking for new, creative & inexpensive ideas to use some large hole beads and saw this as an opportunity to make something unique.

AWittman: Clothespin Jewelry 1


A friend gave me a bag of wooden clothespins and after pulling them apart, I found the spring could be pulled apart to hold my beads!

AWittman: Clothespin Jewelry 2

AWittman: Clothespin Jewelry3

The spring is very strong and has to be pried apart and bent a bit to fit some beads. Glass beads can break so be careful. Too much pressure on them may cause them to splinter.

Ann Wittman
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  • Ann Wittman says:

    Thanks JMJ for including me in your gallery!

  • You’re very welcome, Ann, and I appreciate your sharing this neat idea and the great pieces of jewelry that resulted! 🙂

    What a fun way to use an ordinary everyday object! The necklaces are beautiful.

  • Val says:

    These are so fun! What a unique idea!

  • Lisa Fisher says:

    This is such a great idea. The pieces are beautiful. Very creative!!!

  • Lisa says:

    Clever idea, I like how it makes each of the dangling beads really pop!

  • Nancy says:

    Fantastic idea! What a perfect way to use beads with large holes. So much fun and endless possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

  • Susan Pulford says:

    Talk about “trash to treasure”! What a great idea.

  • Kate says:

    What a good idea, and what an eye to see this. The necklaces are certainly unique.

  • Cindy says:

    Love the look. Refreshing and new.

  • Liz says:

    This is an interesting and fun look. Love your creativity.

  • Laura says:

    I two fell in love with the clothes pin wire jewelry when I first saw it last year. Your bead choices are lovely

  • Dianne Haselfeld says:

    Love this idea. Can I ask what type of wire you hung all the beads and springs on? Looks like it should be a pretty heavy gauge.

  • Talk about synchronicity! I was just talking with my husband last night about some very large, heavy glass beads that I purchased a few years ago by accident – I accidently forgot to check the size, lol, and sending them back was more trouble than it was worth. But what to do with them? They are so heavy! This is a GREAT idea! Thank you, Ann!

  • Rebecca Doremus says:

    I love this idea also, Ann, and have made many pendants in the past using this component from clothespins. What I really like is seeing how you used them not just as a pendant but throughout the designs. So beautiful. On another note, I have also colored the springs with Gilders Paste and/or liquid leafing. Turns out beautiful.

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