Classic Blue Cameo & Lace Necklaces

by Tamara Summers.
(Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

The inspiration for these necklaces is a ladies’ clothing store near where I live. It specializes in retro-inspired clothing from the 30s to the 60s.

Classic Blue Square Cameo and Lace Necklace

Classic Blue Square Cameo and Lace Necklace

I’m planning on showing her some of my jewellery. I was thinking that cameo pieces would be one nice addition to the accessories she carries.

The same day that I had that thought, I was in a second-hand store, and found these ceramic royal blue cameos. The colour immediately caught my eye! I believe they were probably made by someone, because they had pin backs messily glued on.

TSummers: Classic Blue Cameo & Lace Necklaces 2

I decided I could probably do something to showcase these lovely cameos better. Cameos have a vintage feel to them naturally, but I also wanted them to look fresh and colourful, in keeping with my style.

Classic Blue Oval Cameo and Lace Necklace

Classic Blue Oval Cameo and Lace Necklace

I ended up mounting them on ovals of lace that I cut from a larger piece. The larger oval pendant also features shaded blue glass petals that I had on-hand from taking apart an oriental-looking glass flower arrangement. I had bought it at a thrift shop for that very purpose.

For the necklace with the square cameo, I included sapphire-coloured crystal beads and vintage light blue glass beads. Both necklaces include tiny glass pearls and seed beads.

TSummers: Classic Blue Cameo & Lace Necklaces 4

I have developed a real love for beaded memory wire (plus I have a ton of it from a sale purchase!). I find that the structure of it compliments my pendants well, and simple seed beading can be an elegant accompaniment to them (a little monotonous at times, but oh well!).

I was working on these at the time the latest Pantone colours came out. When I saw the Classic Blue I thought of my cameos. So it’s nice that they’re in a popular colour for right now.

Tamara Summers
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