Christmas Sticker Jewelry Set Tutorial

by Rena Klingenberg.

Christmas sticker jewelry set tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Christmas sticker bracelet and earring set tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

I turned a set of holiday snowflake stickers into this bracelet and earring set.

Here’s one made by my Mom:

Christmas Sticker Charm Bracelet

Another example: this Christmas charm bracelet made by my Mom.

Christmas sticker charm bracelet by Rena Klingenberg

This is an easy, cheap project to make – with lots of room for creativity and color play!

Christmas sticker earrings by Rena Klingenberg


  • Small cardboard squares – chipboard or squares cut from a cereal or cracker box, measuring 1″ x 1″ (2.54 x 2.54 cm).
    You’ll need 2 squares for your earrings, and 3 to 5 squares for your bracelet (depending on the bracelet size and how many jump rings you put between each square on the finished bracelet).

    The adult-size bracelet shown above uses 5 squares.

    A child-size bracelet would use about 3 squares.

    I used chipboard, purchased cheaply at a local craft store:

    Chipboard jewelry project

  • Christmas stickers – for this blue jewelry set I used a sheet of abstract snowflake stickers.:

  • A coordinating paper (or another sticker) – for the back side of each of your cardboard squares. We don’t want any plain cardboard peeking out anywhere! 🙂
    Cut this coordinating paper into squares that are slightly larger than your cardboard pieces, so you can trim each one for a perfect fit after Mod-Podging it to the back of your cardboard.

    Cut enough squares of this paper so you have one for the back side of each of your cardboard pieces (so if you have 7 cardboard pieces, you’d need 7 squares of paper).

    Note: If your stickers DON’T completely cover the front side of your cardboard squares, you’ll ALSO need a square of this paper as a background on the front side (under the sticker).

    In that case, you’d need to cut enough squares of this background paper to have one for the front AND one for the back of each of your cardboard pieces.

    (Example: I have a total of 7 cardboard pieces, so I cut 14 squares of this background paper.)

    I used this solid blue paper, thinking of a cold twilight sky in winter:

  • Felt marker – to color the edges of your cardboard pieces.
  • Small-hole paper punch – or a piercing tool such an ice pick, beading awl, etc., to make holes in your finished squares.
  • Jump rings – for connecting your squares and attaching your clasp and earwires.
  • Clasp – nearly any style of clasp would work for this bracelet – hook, lobster, S-shape, etc. I used a hook.
  • Earwires – to finish off your earrings.
  • Scissors or paper cutter – to cut your background paper squares – and also your cardboard squares if you’re not using chipboard.
  • Small amount of Mod Podge – the glue / sealer for decoupage projects (be sure to read and follow the advice on the Mod Podge jar):

    Mod Podge

  • Glitter (optional) – to add a magic sparkle to your jewelry set.
  • Waxed paper – to protect the surface where you use the Mod Podge.
  • Flat nose and/or chain nose pliers – to open and close your jump rings.

Christmas Sticker Jewelry Set Tutorial:

Use your Sharpie marker to color the edges of your cardboard pieces, so the finished jewelry will have edges that match the rest of the piece:

Spread your waxed paper over the surface where you’ll be using the Mod Podge.

We’re going to work on the BACK side of your cardboard pieces first.

Place your cardboard pieces on the waxed paper. Have the squares of background paper that you’ll be putting on the back sides of these pieces waiting nearby.

Now use your finger to scoop up some Mod Podge and spread it all over the surface of one of your cardboard pieces.

Make sure the entire surface of the back is well covered with Mod Podge.

Then quickly place your background paper on top of the Mod Podge. Slide it around to center it, and press down on all surfaces, especially the edges.

Use scissors to trim off any paper hanging over the edges of your cardboard.

Then use your fingers to press the paper’s edges down securely:

Once the paper’s in place, scoop up another dab on Mod Podge on your finger and spread it evenly and completely, over the entire top surface of the paper.

When you’ve done this to all of your cardboard squares, let them dry completely. You can use a hairdryer on low setting to speed up the drying.

Then spread 2 more coats of Mod Podge over this same surface, drying completely between each layer:

Now we’re going to work on the FRONT sides.

So once the back sides of your cardboard pieces are dry, turn them over so the front side faces up, and set them on a clean part of your waxed paper.

Now spread Mod Podge over the entire top surface of the front side:

(If you’re using background paper squares on the front side, go ahead and Mod Podge the remaining background paper pieces to the front sides of your cardboards now.)

Now spread Mod Podge over the entire top surface of the front side.

Carefully place your Christmas sticker where you’d like it to be.

Press down on all surfaces of the sticker – starting in the center and pressing outward from there, to prevent the sticker from wrinkling.

Use your scissors to trim off any overhanging sticker edges.

After the sticker is glued in place with Mod Podge, scoop up another dab of Mod Podge on your finger and use it to cover the entire front surface (including the sticker).

When this coat of Mod Podge is completely dry (you can speed it along with the hair-dryer), spread a small amount of Mod Podge along each felt-marker-colored edge of the cardboard.

When the edges have dried, spread a second coat of Mod Podge over the entire front surface and let it dry completely.

Here are the front sides in the process of drying:

(Optional: If you’re using glitter, spread a thin coat of Mod Podge over the top of your squares and sprinkle a small amount of glitter onto each square. Let them dry completely):

Now use your small-hole punch (or ice pick, bead awl, etc.) to punch 2 holes in each bracelet square (or 1 hole in each earring square), where you’ll want to attach your jump rings:

To finish your bracelet:

(Note: If you’re new to using jump rings, see my super-quick tutorial on how to open and close a jump ring.)

Use your jump rings to attach your bracelet squares together.

Add enough jump rings to each end to make your bracelet a comfortable length.

Attach your clasp to the last jump ring on one end:

To finish your earrings:

Attach a jump ring through the hole in each of your earring squares.

Attach a second jump ring to each of the first jump rings.

Add your earwires at the top:

And you’re done!

Christmas sticker jewelry set by Rena Klingenberg

Christmas sticker bracelet and earring set tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

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  • Tamara says:

    Those snowflake squares with the sparkles are really pretty, Rena!

  • Gypsea says:

    Super cute!

  • Winnie says:

    Brilliant idea!
    And such beautiful results!
    I loooooooooove the earings

  • Lindi says:

    This looks much easier then what I do!

  • kellie says:

    so pretty! what a great idea!

  • Robyn says:

    Very cute! I love the sparkles. They would be the perfect Christmas accessory!

  • Kelly says:

    These are cool. We’ve never really tried modge podge before, but this looks easy and how cool are those earrings!

  • Karri Reiser says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe they are just cardboard and stickers.

  • Donna says:

    A great tutorial! Great gift idea too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Andrea Ross says:

    I love these. I want to make some earrings, but also make some extra for charms for gift wrapping. Thank you.

  • Very creative! I really like the earrings too…a great way to celebrate the season. Thanks for sharing your project! 🙂

  • Heather says:

    Thanks for the creative idea. As I was reading the how to section, I thought, you could use craft foam instead of the cardboard squares. I have craft foam on hand and it is an easy substitute with about the same thickness. However, if you want the stiff effect, you could use cardboard from old spiral notebooks and that would work too (and it’s free). Another way to save money is to use white all purpose school glue instead of mod podge. You can get the same effect but it is cheaper. I am all about making things inexpensively. I hope some of these ideas can help someone. Can’t wait to see you post more ideas. Thanks! 🙂

  • Noreen says:

    Some thoughts about using white glue instead of Mod Podge: In the past I often used white glue for projects instead of Mod Podge and it worked very well. However, I have noticed that with the passage of time, some of these projects have tended to yellow. If what you are making is just for current fun and not meant to last long, or the item isn’t significant enough to warrant using Mod Podge, that’s fine. But if it’s something you value, such as when you decoupage photos, you might want to consider using Mod Podge instead. It’s not so expensive if you use a 40% off coupon. I actually have a couple of bottles of Elmers White Glue that I’ve had for a couple of years, that have yellowed right in the bottle.

  • Pat Fraser says:

    Bula Rena!

    These are so nice….I actually do something similar but use fabric remnants
    or masi(a natural fibre made from the bark of thee mulberry tree)…
    thanks so much for sharing all your wealth of ideas etc.

  • Colleen says:

    What a cute idea for gifts! Thanks for sharing Rena and thanks for great instructions.

  • That is a great idea–very creative. The finished product looks so professional. You’d never know that it was stickers and cardboard. You could sell those at holiday boutiques. Children would love wearing one that matched Mom or Grandma.
    Thanks for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3 and Caution! Twins at Play!

  • Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, and your great suggestions for other ways to create and use this type of jewelry! 🙂

  • Tara@Tales of a Trophy WIfe says:

    Such a fun idea! I love the bracelet.

  • Terrie says:

    Very clever and simple idea to make such festive accessories. Wanna to have a go for the ear rings.

  • I love this idea! Thrifty, uncomplicated…what a great project to do with my grandaughter!

  • Maxine says:

    Love this so much I made a bunch of my own to sell in town for the holidays, might even give some to friends! Thanks so much!

  • Fabulous idea — I have some Victorian stickers that would make great earrings! As always, wonderfully clear tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday!

  • Nice tutorial. And a great idea. I like making simple jewelry, so I am bound to make something using this approach.

    I found your site at Handy Man Crafty Woman. Thanks for posting.

  • Barbara says:

    So clever! I cannot wait to try this. I do disagree, however… glitter should never be optional 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  • Just came across this tutorial… The pictures and everything about this tutorial makes it looks so easy to do. What a wonderful tutorial that is described in full detail, from start to finish!! I can’t wait to try this out myself, but since it’s January… I’m not going to wait until Christmas. I’m going to make something similar, though, maybe using heart stickers for Valentine’s Day!! 🙂 Thanks so much, Rena, for a wonderful tutorial!!

  • Nikki says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, I am going to use this idea with some character stickers to make some jewelry for young girls. Little girls like Disney princesses, care Bear, MLP, that will be a great way to make jewelry to sell that’s at a good price for little ones.

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