Christmas Ornament Hooks

by Kathleen Davis.
(Fiddletown California USA)


I am getting ready for my Christmas shows in November and December and I am making some of these ornament hooks. The first ones that I made I used Artistic silver and gold wire 18 gauge which got a little expensive so I ordered some nice craft wire from EE beads and its very reasonable. These are some of the hooks that I came up with but I have made about 50 sets so far in all different colors and sizes.

Depending on the size of beads, I cut approx. 5 inches of wire. Fold it over a fat pen or dowel. Curl up the edge. Then across from my curl, I bend the wire at an 90 degree. String my beads then where the beads stops, I bend it back the opposite direction. Then bend the small hook towards just so your ornament will stay on.

I have seen these with a swirl at the end, however its too time consuming to put the Christmas ball on that swirl. I want easy when it comes to decorating that tree! So a simple hook at the bottom suffices. Once you start making these, you can’t quit! They are so much fun to do and you can use up all your extra beads in holiday colors. I have sold several already. The ones I am making out of the artistic wire will be gifts in stockings of people who love to decorate and love the simple things in life. I also made the angels and I can’t wait to hang a beautiful ornament on the tree with them.

Kathleen Davis


by: Ana

Very original, I never thought of making my own, thank you for the tutorial.

by: Theresa

I am in love with them!

Handmade ornament hooks
by: Rena

This is such a neat project, Kathleen! It could be a great way to use up leftover beads and wire snippets, turning them into something lovely and useful. Very nice gift idea.

This could also another great project for children and teens to make as gifts!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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  • Sarah Boblit says:

    I can see so many ways to use these, thanks for sharing.

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