Christmas Craft Shows Invitations and Flyers

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Christmas Craft Show Invitations Flyers by Rena Klingenberg  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

For a series of Christmas craft shows a few years ago, an artist friend named Krissi painted this festive holiday “frame” for our invitations and flyers.

Christmas craft shows invitation and flyer with hand-painted border

She and I were part of a small group of crafters and artists – plus some friends who represented various “home party” companies – and together we organized and put on our own series of successful fundraiser art and gift shows.

Christmas tree and artist’s signature detail of the handpainted border

For our group’s Christmas craft shows one year, Krissi painted this holiday border on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of heavy, matte white cardstock.

Scrollwork detail of the handpainted border

Then we scanned it so we could make her lovely artwork frame any size we wished for various purposes throughout the season.

Reindeer detail of the handpainted border

It was easy to just add our own text to the scanned artwork to create flyers, invitations and thank-you cards for all of our events that holiday season.

Ultra-Successful Christmas Craft Shows

The year we used Krissi’s artistic invitations, one of our most profitable shows was held at a local hospital. We did the show as a fundraiser to benefit the children’s portion of the hospital.

The “Mary Kay” lady in our group was also a therapist at the hospital, so she knew the administrative people we needed to talk to for setting up our event, as well as the best time and place for our show.

We chose an employee payday early in November for the date of our event, and got permission to set up our tables just inside the hospital’s cafeteria / dining room, where a ton of people come and go all day.

The day before the event we had our artistic invitations placed in the box of every employee at the hospital.

Then, on the morning of the show, we had our flyers placed strategically around the hospital, where they would be seen by the public as well as the employees.

As a result of all this planning (and our great invitations and flyers!) we had an incredible show. I sold a load of jewelry, and most of the other artists, crafters, and home-party people in our group did quite well too.

We were thrilled to give a nice donation to the children’s hospital from our proceeds.

And the hospital’s employees and visitors were happy to get some of their holiday gift shopping done so conveniently.

The Text from Our
Christmas Craft / Gift Show Flyer (Above)

I know the text is hard to read in the photo above, so here it is for anyone who wants to use it as a “jump-start” for your own flyers:

Are You Searching for a Unique Gift?

Now is your chance to buy from local artists and businesses who will add a personal touch to your orders!

Don’t miss this special holiday shopping / benefit event*

(Date and Time)

*A portion of proceeds will benefit (name of charity)

Gift Selection Will Include:

(list the types of items your vendors will be offering – handmade jewelry, skin and body care, home décor, candles, whatever)

Customized Orders Welcome!

Invitations and Flyers for
Your Own Christmas Craft Shows

I love the handmade look of the artistic holiday border Krissi painted. It was really a perfect touch for our shows.

But if we hadn’t had someone with her talents in our group, we could have bought some pre-made holiday paper at an office supply store.

Or we could have ordered everything printed by an online printer on one of their holiday papers or card stocks.

Whatever you choose, I highly recommend taking the extra step of creating special seasonal invitations and flyers for your Christmas craft shows or holiday gift shopping events.

Whenever you take the time to add a special touch like this, you’re making your events memorable with handmade love and care.

Rena Klingenberg

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