Chris’ Version of Happy Mannequin Necklace Display

by Chris.
(Loch, Vic, Australia)

Happy mannequins love to display necklaces!

Hi everyone,

First of all I want to say how much I love this website. I have learnt so much, thank you. It’s just great.

I want to show you all a picture of my happy mannequins necklace displays I made today. I used to make peekaboo dolls and I had a few polystyrene balls left over and some hair pieces as well.

I didn’t want to spend any money on commercial displays, so I got the idea of making them into heads and sitting them on upside down terracotta plant-pots. I also used to do folk art, so I had heaps of paint to paint the faces.

I put a hat on one, a ribbon for a hairband on another and a piece of red material made into a bow on the third. I dipped one hair piece in some watery burgundy paint and I poked some stiff wire into the head (ouch) so it would sit in the hole of my pot.

Voila. What do you think?

The only thing is, I think my pots are a bit too short for my longer necklaces, and the middle one has yet to get a pot, but these are easily fixed.

I’m happy and they even look great just sitting on my bench.



Lovely laughing mannequins!
by: Rena

Chris, I totally love these gals! I can’t help smiling right back at them. What a brilliant idea, and they must have been so much fun to make.

Not only will they display necklaces – they’ll also capture customers’ attention, and have people arriving at your booth in a good mood!

Cheery and utterly charming. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic happy mannequins with us!

a new product line?
by: Ann Nolen

These are so cute I have to ask you to consider them as a new product line. I would use these in my display, but unlike you wouldn’t want to learn how to make them… that is what is so great about creative people, we all have unique talents!
So please, let me know if you are willing to take an order for some “ladies.”
Ann of

Re: New product line
by: Anonymous

Sure. Please give me your email address and we’ll talk about it. Please bear in mind that I am in Australia though. :))

for longer necklaces
by: The Nimble Sprite

I love these heads! But I understand about the length problem. Could you raise some up by packing styrofoam into the bottom of the pots and jamming the neck of a wine bottle (with or without label) into the inverted pot? This could be kind of cute and give you a variety of heights. Just a thought

How Fun!
by: Terri wlaschin

Made me smile just looking at them. Sure to be an attention getter at any table. Great job!!!

Love your ladies
by: Jankneebear

I think you may have solved the long necklace problem without realizing it. If you increased the height of the vase that the middle lady is sitting upon you could display longer necklaces.
In my opinion it adds interest that the three gals don’t all match….more like us real gals… some taller, some shorter and all of us dressed a little differently from one another. I love them and agree they will draw attention to your display and bring smiles.

I want these !
by: Barbara

These are amazing. This should be your business. I know I’d buy some! I know you’re in AU, but maybe you could sell instruction sheets with stencils?

Happy to make some Happy Gals
by: Chris

Hi Barbara

I have sold three to another lady in America and she seems to be very happy with them. I am happy to make some for you if you wish. They are very light to send. Please gie me your email address so that we can discuss this further. 🙂

Can’t wait!
by: Barbara

Hi Chris, My email address is
Look forward to hearing from you.

Jewellery Web Site.
by: Wia Tonkin.

I like the whole web site, it’s been done at a low cost, with loads of originality.The jewelry looks really good, displayed the way it is.Wia.

Contact details for Chris
by: Chris

Thanks Wia.
If anyone wants to contact me privately regarding my Happy Mannequin Displays, please email me at am happy to take orders. :))

re; very clever
by: Anonymous

Very clever and an attention getter.

How do you make the faces and on what medium?

Thanks for sharing.
Lestyn Gilmore

Happy Heads
by: tweety

These are darling thanks for sharing. lil

just love love them
by: Anonymous

I just love these ladies….just like I would like to be eccentric like whats her name lol
keep those ideas coming…Wish I had all those ideas to help me when I had an antique jewelry shoppe. Thank you for sharing

Love These
by: Donna

I would like to know what kind of store to get the heads and hair. I have some good ideas, I have an old lamp base, etc but are these styrofoam craft ball faces and where do you get the hair?

More about the happy mannequin displays
by: Rena

Here’s a fun and charming update on these cheery mannequin displays:

In A Happy Addition to My Booth Ann shows how she uses the friendly mannequins Chris made for her.

Product update
by: Chris

Thank you for all your compliments ladies, much appreciated.
Yes, these ladies heads are hand painted on polystyrene balls. As I live in Oz I buy the wigs from wherever I can get them: party shops, $2+ shops, etc. My email address is in one of the above comments if you want to get in contact with me.
Kind Regards and have a happy profitable week.

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