Chocolate Cake Bead with White Frosting and Raspberry Dots

by Peggy Festerling.
(Orlando, Florida USA)

Cake Bead by The Glass Chef

Cake Bead by The Glass Chef

This delicious little chocolate cake bead can be made into a pendant, bracelet charm, key chain, cell phone charm, etc. I had a lot of requests for a cake bead since a lot of my customers sell cakes instead of cupcakes and this is the result.

Peggy Festerling

The Glass Chef etsy shop


by: Leigh

This is so cute and I am sure there are so many ways you could use this as an enhancement.

Chocolate Cake Bead
by: Rena

Adorable! It really looks almost edible. Since the bead hole goes down through the center, is this a Bundt cake? 🙂

Cute Little Morsel
by: Bridgette

This is really cute! It actually looks edible.

by: sharon harris


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