Celtic Wedding Jewelry

by Lora Cotton.
(United States)

Bridal necklace & earrings

Bridal necklace & earrings

This set was made for my Celtic Wedding in February. My husband is of Scottish descent and already had a full Scottish kilt and had a deep desire to wear it for our wedding.

Bridal "slave" bracelet

Bridal “slave” bracelet

Given that I’m of Irish (in part) descent, I wholeheartedly agreed, and ran with a Celtic theme for the wedding. We used the the Celtic Knot (Heart with “Triskele”) and the Tree of Life designs through out our wedding.

I searched and searched for jewelry that I liked and could afford and finding none, I began designing.

Matron of Honor necklace & earrings

Matron of Honor necklace & earrings

Using silver-toned chain, Tierra Cast charms and links, and Swarovski crystals and A LOT of trial and error, this is the final result.

Lora Cotton
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