Cardboard Box Earring Display

by Vera.
(Prague, Czech Republic)

Turn an old cardboard box, BBQ skewers, and other “junk” into this lovely portable earring display case!

Materials Used:

old cardboard box

BBQ wooden skewers

wooden beads

mirror from an old cosmetic case.

This display is simply perfect 🙂 I made it from a simple cardboard box and few skewers.

How to Make Your
Cardboard Box Earring Display Case:

When you turn any box upright you get a “wardrobe” shape.

Open the box top (wardrobe doors in this case) and divide the height in two or three, depends on how long your earrings are.

Mark the holes and pierce the box with a skewer pin, fix them with wooden beads or any other “stopper” you can find – rubber band, eraser, whatever fits.

I even put an old cosmetic case mirror inside the “door”.

I made special (simple) earring hang tags for this type of display.

You can find the layout and instructions for my earring hang tags here in My Flickr PhotoStream.

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What a great idea!
by: Rena

Thank you for sharing this fantastic repurposing project, Vera!

I love how everything – even the mirror – is re-used from something else.

And not only is it attractive, but the size of box you used really holds a lot of earrings!

What a clever way to invent an earring display. I would never have guessed it was a used cardboard box!

What a GREAT idea!!
by: Debbie Sosa

I’ve been eying these expensive wooden cases made by a local woodworker. They cost upwards of $150!
I’m definitely going to make one(or more) of these beautiful cases. A case like this would be great to travel with, and just open and display!! Will cut down on set up time at shows,too!!

I am glad you like it!
by: Anonymous

I will upload some other ideas, just to find pictures. Be prepare to see “naked umbrella and flower pot earring display” :)))
Made of umbrella construction stuck in the upside down clay flower pot. Its even rolling!!! 🙂

Love it
by: Alicia

What a great idea! So attractive!

by: Angie S

Perfect, portable & recycled!!!

Great Idea on the Earring box!
by: Cat

Another suggestion I have for the earring cards is, instead of putting the skewer through the hole in the earring card, make a “hook” like design at the top of the card so you don’t have to unskewer every time a customer wants to see or buy a pair! This is a fabulous idea you had!

Great Idea!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much Vera! Next week I have an appointment to show my earrings to a new gift shop and I’ve been trying to think of an attractive way to transport and show them. This will be perfect! How clever you are!

I also like the idea someone else had of making a hook at the top of the card so customers can pull individual earrings out.

We all agree – Rena is the best! Thanks again Rena 🙂

Cardboard Box Earring Display
by: W in Atlanta

This is Fabulous!
by: Urban Woodswalker

I first saw Weggart’s displays on Flickr, and wes blown away by all her ideas. She has many more equally as ingenious at this one.

This is extremely inspiring to me.

Mary Anne
Urban Woodswalker

AWESOME display!

OMG, this is SUCH a great idea! THANK YOU for sharing!

I’m in agreement with those who have said to use some sort of hook at the top of the earring cards so you don’t have to pull the whole skewer off.

Hook Style Hang Tabs

I wonder how these hang tabs might work for your display box?

NOT an affiliate link!

Hook Style Hang Tabs, 10/Sheet- 7/8″W x 1 3/4″H
Item No. SFV3015

Price Per 500 (Sizes May Be Combined For Discounts)
1 4 10 20 40
$19.85 $17.30 $15.30 $13.90 $12.90

display cards explanation :))
by: Weggart

I dont have to take off the skewer when mounting and dismounting the earring card, these cards are cut above the hole so I just pluck it down 🙂
I did use the hook cards but since I have loads of leftovers from the printing house, this type of tick paper is not strong so the hooks are tearing. I still want to be “green” and first use all that paper I got for free :)))
Thanks for all comments!

by: Ellie

I’m 11 and I make and sell my own jewelry for
“fresh beads inc.” This is genius idea!!

by: amber

this is the best earring display idea i have ever seen! thanks!

Pleasantly suprised
by: Marcia

When I saw the title of your display I almost skipped it because of the images in my mind. I pictured a square box that someone just stuck earrings into. lol I LOVE YOUR DESIGN, and I’m going to make some for my daughters jewelry business. I get my talapia from walmart in these boxes.
Thanks for sharing!

I love it!
by: Sarah

I may make the display for other things as well! I make key fobs, lanyards, etc.!!! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Dara says:

    How Earth friendly and easy to transport! I love the idea! I bet you could get even more green and use recycled brown paper bags cut to the right shape as the hangers. (Or maybe even cardboard from a cereal box or something similar.)

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