Cannot Leave It All Behind When on a Visit

by JoAnne.
(Florida, USA)

Folding table does double duty

I really do not like to travel, but circumstances have led me to spend the winter in the panhandle of Florida. I know, its a hardship many would love to have.

But traveling is difficult and I have had to leave my store behind and depend on others to keep it going. And my new business just got its business license and I am not there to help develop it.

TV stand/bookshelf stores supplies

All of that aside, there was no way I could leave my beading behind for 8 months.

I spent 3 weeks paring down what I was going to take with me. But even knowing that I will be home one week out of every 4 made the choices difficult.

I quickly filled the huge rollaround scrapbookers travel cart, could have filled 2 more. Thankfully, those who know me, know how I get when I cannot make jewelry and they accommodated me.

Red canvas bag on lower left for tools

Two vans and a trailer moved the necessary furniture and supplies. and here is my bedroom studio for the next several months.



Mobilizing your jewelry studio
by: Rena

I think you’ve done a good job with your new setup.

For the one week out of every 4 that you spend back at home, will you be carrying back and forth some of the stash that you’ve brought to Florida?

I’m sure you’ll find some new customers during your visit in Florida.

Or perhaps “snowbirds” who are wintering in the area and would like to take some jewelry making classes.

(And for anyone who hasn’t seen JoAnne’s Jewelry for Generations – Part 3 story – you can read it to catch up on the reason for her visit to Florida.)

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  • Country Lady Jewelry says:

    I spend January-June in Mexico, and over the past 11 years my mode of operation has kind of developed itself. At first I would pack one huge suit case with everything I could not part with. During which time, inevitably, I would have to go through this lengthy explanation at Customs that I was not selling in Mex. Eventually, I found places where I could purchase beautiful beads, silver findings, tools, etc. Almost everything. I know Florida certainly will have the conveniences of purchasing what you might need while u r away from home base. So I decided to have two separate set ups. That worked well because I can bead where ever I am. And, it illuminated packing everything to bring back to the States. With Computers, iPads, FaceTime, Skype, it could be easier to keep on top of your businesses using these great devices! You can keep track of sales by using squareup app. You can track inventory yourself, financing can also be done via computer from where ever you are. The staffing must be difficult, but with great U.S. technology, we small business people can makes anything possible. Keep up the great work, don’t get too stressed. Just remember, Happiness is Beading! (Even in your van coming and going!!!)

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