Can You Really Make a Living From Making Jewelry?

by Shelly.
(Huntington Beach, California)

I just had to ask! I know many are well established and or well known ,so I am referring to others. I am a single mom of a teen daughter,and I am a Hairstylist as my career for the last 26 yrs.

I just started making jewelry again for the enjoyment and maybe selling a few things at work,(when I had a few extra bucks to use for supplies) when I had an Epiphany!!

I will and MUST make jewelry!!!

Lol…You KNOW what I mean! Just this deep intense love of the craft,the pure joy I get in making a new piece…It’s like I have found my new “home”!!

And now I am wondering; Is it possible to make a good income? I know it won’t happen overnight….it just seems so saturated out there when it comes to jewelry.

Any thoughts and comments?


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