BZ Designs Jewelry Booth Space

by Barbara.

Space for 2009

It has taken me 5 years to get to this point. I started out with just one 6′ table and have grown so much that I fill a 10 x 10 tent.


I have a lot of necklaces and have been trying to find ways to display them. I started by making this stair step display to display all my necklace busts. I built this myself and then painted it black. I always display my really nice pieces on these busts.

I had so many more necklaces that I bought silver peg board and hung it from my tent. Then using pegs, hung the necklaces on the pegs.

Doing this gives the customer more foot room in the tent. if I had another table there, there would not be enough room to walk in the space.

I have had my vase with the tree for years now, it is great to hang the rope style necklaces from it. It gets a lot of attention and I get a lot of compliments on it. I have changed two things from last year to this year.

New earring and bracelet display area

One, I made an earring display out of a bifold closet door. It holds the earring cards and I never have to take them off and rehang them for each show. I just fold up the door and store it, pack it and move it, just the way it is.

The next thing I changed was how to display and carry my bracelets. Instead of the stair steps in the first picture (where I had to put out all the boxes and them pack them up at the end of the show), I made these wooden boxes, added hooks and hung the bracelets from them. I never have to do anything else with them, just put out the wooden boxes. Then I added a raised area behind them and leaned the wooden boxes against it. This gave me a raised area for more bracelet displays. See picture #2 to see this idea also.

So my new space is a combination of the two pictures.



Getting jewelry up at eye level
by: Rena

Great idea to eliminate a table and make more customer space inside your booth. Now a handful of people can shop at the same time without feeling like they have to take turns inside a tiny space.

Love your riser steps, and the hanging necklace wall! Both great ideas, and excellent ways to move the jewelry up to eye level.

And your tree-in-a-vase display – soooo cool! I also love the closet door earring display. I can tell your displays and booth setup have evolved over these past 5 years – great work, and great display designs!

Wow! Thanks for Sharing This
by: Quotentials

Beautiful booth…Very inviting! You have some excellent ideas. Thank you for sharing them. One question: How do you keep the earring cards on the shutters?

earring cards
by: barb

Thank you for your comments. The back of the earring cards have a “lip”, that fits on the horizontal pieces of the shutter or bifold door. You have to make sure you have the shutter/bi-fold door the right direction. You will understand when you have the shutter in front of you. It is really great because you never have to take the earrings off to travel for set up and tear down.
I have another show coming up this month and will have a couple of new displays, so watch for a new picture to be added. I will not have my tent as it is an indoor event so had to come up with another way to display my necklaces.

Peg board
by: Dancing Clouds

How do you hang the silver peg board on your tent? Can you use this if you don’t have a tent? If not how do you set up in an inside show where you do not need a tent?

larger picture?
by: Anonymous

I love your displays! I just wish that we could get a bigger picture of them. It’s really hard to see on such a small pic. If I’m missing something and there’s a way for me to enlarge it, let me know!

Thanks! 🙂

Jewelry Booth Displays
by: Debbie

I found some really cool over the door hangers a few years back and I hang them from my canopy and then hang necklaces and bracelets on the hooks. I hang them on three sides of the canopy and have lots of room for hanging them. Everyone always stops to look at my jewelry and wants to buy my hangers. They work great, are fairly cheap, $40 for 4 of them.

Picture size
by: Anonymous

I’m sorry the pictures are small, the website made me make them smaller than my originals. It would not allow really large pictures. That was the biggest I could do. I am going to try to add a few more picuters of my new booth set up, hopefully you will get a better look then. Thank you everyone for you comments.

Photo size – my apologies
by: Rena

Hi Barbara,

Yes, I’m sorry about the limited size for photos. My host and template allow for a maximum photo dimension of 400px in either direction.

I have put in a request for the capability for photos to be clickable to a larger view – hopefully my host will address that in the future!

Thanks so much for understanding!

Also, for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Barbara kindly posted a “part 2” to her post: BZ Designs Jewelry Booth.

Thank you for sharing your great tips and experiences here, Barbara! :o)

Wonderful Idea
by: Rose Engel

I love your disply, especially the shutters. My husband came up with that idea but how do you attach it? My outside display was windy and kept knocking it down. I have the short style and full size.

by: barbara

My shutters are actually closet doors that I cut down. They must be heavier than shutters because they haven’t blown over yet, however, I do have a large vase with a tree in it right behind one half of it. I do not have it attached to the table or anything else. The vase pretty much keeps it from tipping.

I just did a show last weekend outside and it was really windy. alot of vendors tore down early and left becuase they lost alot of products due to the wind, I however did not have any issues. I took a piece of tape and taped down all my neck displays and did not have any issues after that. no one even knew they were taped down.
Thank you for your comments they are always appreciated whether they are good or constructive.

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