Butterfly Necklace

by Paul Mattson.
(Reno , Nevada USA)

Butterfly Necklace

Butterfly Necklace

Delicate, beautiful … Soft! All the ingredients for success.

My friend loves butterflies so we made this one for her. Hope you like it.

Paul and Sandy


by: Kate

Wow, drama and glamour combined! lovely.

Great colors
by: Leigh

Great color combination and the butterfly is awesome.

Butterfly necklace
by: Anonymous

I love the colors and design!!!


I Love it!
by: Anonymous

I love that butterfly necklace you made. I have Lupus and it is represented with a purple butterfly. I have been looking for some jewelry to represent this. I can picture myself wearing that!

Are you ready to give it all you’ve got ?
by: Anonymous

We watched a program the other day where a Lady
was so confident with her product that she and
her husband took out a 300 k loan to get it
launched . It was for jewelry storage .

It was nothing more than a plastic mold nicely done !

It was their courage that made it work ! It was
their confidence that carried them to a point
where a chain store went National with them so
a customer who bought their product could store
what you and Sandy and everyone here at Rena’s

Now they are debt free and have a few million
tucked away .

How do we get that kind of courage to get our product out there ? Where can we find it ?

Paul and Sandy

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