Butterfly Blue

by Anita Velazquez.

My mother recently moved into a new senior apartment. She is seventy nine years young. She has always collected butterfly figures. She put her butterflies all around her new place. It looks lovely. When I made this set I thought of her love of butterflies, and the color blue.

Butterfly Blue

She inspired me. She has always been a woman with a different look at life. She is a physic, and in her day, danced the jitterbug, and sang opera. Sadly, a few days ago, she had a stroke and is in the hospital.

I know she will pull through, I believe in God, and miracles. She has taught me so much, about the beauty of life, and the miracles of faith. I wrote this about her.

Butterflly Blue
In her years of being young
She danced all night
And operas sung

She had a grace
Of attitude
To those left out
She would include

She looked beyond
The costumes wrought
The use her mind
Above the taught

And all this she passed on to me
And I in turn to mine
For what is learned from love to life
Endures beyond our time

This piece is inspired by her. There is so much symbolism albiet person in this piece.
Butterflies and flowers a natural mix. Blue is a rare color in garden flowers so capturing it’s essence in glass beads is a pleasing variation. Coin shaped beads of turquoise magnesite, and crystallized violet rainbow beads, make up the neclace which suspends an antique brass tone butterfly charm.

Petite golden butterfly charms as strung throughout. I choose the bead by which the butterfly is suspended for it’s brown coloration. It reminded me of the “eye” markings that many butterflies have on their wings for protection. I thought it fit well.

Anita Velazquez
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