Bubbe Pins (TM)

by Patricia C. Vener.
(Hamden, Connecticut USA)

Bubbe Pins (TM) by Patricia C. Vener

Bubbe Pins (TM) by Patricia C. Vener

I have created a new line of hair adornment called Bubbe Pins™. The foundation is metal bobby pins with a 10 cm soldered pad, (apparently intended for glueing), from Rings and Things.

I, of course, immediately saw the potential for beadweaving and engineered a technique for affixing beads to the pad and then adding the rest of the design work to that. (I have a short explanatory tutorial which is available free to people who sign up for my monthly eNewsletter.)

The Bubbe Pin™ Story:

It has become almost a universal problem: how to keep a yarmulke (kippah) or small headscarf from sliding off the head.

For many years the best solution has come from grandmothers, (“bubbe” is Yiddish for grandmother) handing out cheap metal or plastic covered bobby pins. No style, just plain functionality.

My Bubbe Pins™ add that missing element and you don’t have to be Jewish to wear them! They range from one of a kind ornate works that are reminiscent of Indian jhumar to very simple, yet elegant, limited edition designs suitable for both men and women.

The image shows a set of Bubbe Pins™ called “Silver and Gold” originally created for the August Etsy Beadweavers Challenge of the same name.

The foundation is circular Peyote stitch and 3-bead netting. The ruffle is circular Peyote ruffle and Oglala weaves. The tails are simple and branched fringe.

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Patricia C. Vener
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Thank you!
by: Patricia C Vener

I am very pleased and honored to have this page. I’m very excited about my new line and eager to share it with everyone.

Thank you.


Beautiful as well as culturally cool
by: Rena

Patricia, what a beautiful solution for the problem of sliding head scarves!

I also love the name you gave this line, honoring Bubbes and their role in the head scarf traditions (and in caring for others).

I’m sure anyone who’s had bobby pins from a Bubbe will smile and understand immediately what these lovely pins are for.

Definitely a jewelry niche product with an easily-defined customer base!

I wonder if you might connect with an artist who makes silk scarves, and perhaps sell (or at least display) some of your creations together? Just a thought.

Thank you Rena!
by: Patricia C Vener

What a great idea! I’ll start looking for someone who does silk scarves and might have an interest in such a collaborative selling idea. 🙂

Thank you Rena!


How Elegant
by: Beader bubbe

What a lovely gift…..as a bubbe I would sure look into this…..and with the holidays around the corner, going to check it out….

to Beader Bubbe
by: Patricia C Vener

I grinned when I saw your name. My mother is the family Bubbe so in a way my work honors her too. Your grandchildren are lucky to have a bubbe!


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