Brass Steampunk Lighter

by Jim Osment.
(Brisbane Australia)


This is my first lighter.

I’ve been making Steampunk pendants for a while now and wanted to try something a little different. I guess technically it’s not jewelry but it’s definitely an accessory for a Steampunk outfit.

I started by searching for some reasonably priced brass lighters. I particularly wanted solid brass so I could silver solder directly onto them. I found some which had been manufactured as promotional lighters for a big bike rally and bought some.

This is the second one.

This is the second one.

When they arrived the first thing I did was to pull out the insert and heat it with my torch to make sure it was suitable for soldering…and it melted! They were not brass at all but some low melting point alloy like pewter! My plans were ruined!

I didn’t want lighters I couldn’t solder. I emailed the supplier and explained the situation and he was good enough to refund more than half the cost, because he had advertised them as “solid brass”, and I got to keep the lighters.

Normally I don’t like to use glue in my creations, but decided this would have to be an exception.I decided to make little brass panels which I could glue to the front of the lighters (to cover the existing logo) and solder all my Steampunk bits onto the panels.

My favorite with my handmade heart.

My favorite with my handmade heart.

I found some black,two part epoxy adhesive specifically designed for gluing metal. The photos you see are the result. They include clock and watch parts, brass findings, hand made bits, plumbing fittings, pipes wires etc. My favorite is the one with the hand hammered broken heart.

I’m not a fan of smoking, I prefer to imagine them being used to light candlelit dinners, campfires, exploring ancient tombs and sending smoke signals.

Jim Osment
Hammered Hearts


Great on display
by: Leigh

Wonderful lighters that can be left out around the candles that I have everywhere. Since they are unique and decorative I can leave out and never have to search the junk drawer again.

by: zoraida

Unique, artistic and beautiful,functional art. The broken heart is my favorite.

I don’t smoke but do like to burn incense and these would look great on display next to scented candles.

Love your ingenuity.

Blown away
by: Patricia C Vener

Lovely lighter!

by: Anna

Just Awesome! (No surprises there, all your work is awesome) You are so clever. Is there anything you can’t do? I love them all but I think I like the broken heart the most. Perfect ‘bloke’ Christmas present! Think I’m gonna have to buy one..

Stylish Steampunk Lighter
by: Rena

Jim, this is such a cool and clever idea! I always enjoy your unique metal artistry – and I appreciate that you share not only what works but also what goes wrong in your steampunk workshop! 🙂

Thank you!
by: Jim

Thank you Rena and everyone for the lovely comments. I always love to get a little positive feedback, It’s what keeps me coming back!

by: Bartholomew Justice

Wonderful work. Now I need to find some cheap Zippo knock-offs. I hadn’t thought of modding lighters.

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