Boomerang with Three Points

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, California USA)


Recently I bought a pair of metal snips and started working with copper sheet making simple rectangular and square shapes.

My next step was to make some shapes with curves.

I started small and had a great time snipping away and making lots of little scraps.

I was about half way through my second piece of 6″ X 6″ sheet copper when I noticed a large scrap with an unusual shape. Since I had already made a necklace and some earrings with smaller scraps I decided it would be a nice challenge to work with this larger piece.

After snipping, filing and giving it texture by working from both sides I had a very unusual shape that looked a bit like a boomerang.

It needed some embellishment so I tried both glass and stone beads then decided the dark green jasper looked the best.


I punched some holes, oxidized and polished the surface, hung the beads, attached some chain and suede then finished it off with a handmade hook clasp.

Save those scraps. You never know what can be created with them.

Nancy Vaughan


A Serendipity Project
by: Rena

I love this piece, Nancy! The cool geometry of the copper “boomerang” and the hammered, shaped texture of it are beautiful. And the four dangling beads in the hollowed out area are just perfect. I love the rusticness of this whole piece – I would wear it all the time!

Great example of turning scraps into treasure! Thank you for sharing.

Great Pendant!
by: zoraida

What a great piece. I love the fluid shape, the dangly beads, the copper. Nicely done!

Very inspiring!
by: Anne

Thank you for posting this! You have inspired me to get out the sheets of copper and the snips and have some fun. I bought quite a bit of metal working supplies last year, but got side tracked with other things! I am going to snip away. This is a beautiful necklace!

Nice piece, what do you use to file it smooth
by: Renee’

This piece is very nice. I have my own business and website and have recently gotten into working with metal.
What do you use to make your pieces smooth.Electric sander, files? Also have you found a great wholesale metal vendor?
Any help would be appreciated

Finishing Copper
by: Nancy Vaughan

I use files and steel wool to smooth my copper along the edges, Renee’. Since I like the play of light on a textured surface I seldom leave it plain. My go to file for working on straight and convex edges is a 6″ mill file. I also use finer half round files for the concave edges.

I haven’t done much checking for sources on line. However, Monster Slayer is one of my sources for copper wire and I know they stock sheet copper and red brass.

I use 24 gauge sheet copper which I know they stock but I’m not sure if they have other gauges available. Try Google or Yahoo for sources.
That’s how I found Monster Slayer.

If you would like to contact me for any additional information my e-mail address is:

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