Books! Making Miniature Book Charms for Swag Bags!

by April.
(Texas, USA)

Souvenir Charm for Miniature Book Society, by April's Studio  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Souvenir Charm for Miniature Book Society

Books, beads, and rocks are my favorite things.

Miniature books make me giddy. BUT miniature books that can be made into jewelry is swoon-worthy!

About two years ago I turned a miniature book I made into a necklace, and then made earrings to match.

I really enjoy making miniature books and I really enjoy making jewelry.

When I found out that the Miniature Book Society was having their get together not far from me this year I was over the moon and joined to get in on the action!

I set about designing something that will be included in their goody bags for members.

I put together this charm. My first design felt incomplete.

A little hunting around netted me a Texas shape paper punch the perfect size for the front cover of the little book.

This is pretty neat because they are an international group. Last year they met in The Netherlands.

Components for Souvenir Charm for Miniature Book Society, by April's Studio  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Separate components ready for assembly

I glued a modified cord end on the book. That gave me a nice place to attach the jump ring.

On the cord end I snipped off the triangle piece that is meant to snag the cord, and filed it smooth.

I wrapped all the beads on a head pin with bead caps.

The MBS bead part was fun. I enlisted the help of my 15, 8, and even 3 year old to get those all done. These are all connected with a jump ring and a lobster clasp.

My husband had the idea for the grommet in the business card! The charm hangs on the card and is packaged in a small envelope, to slip in the goody bags.

Souvenir book charm hanging on the card for Miniature Book Society, by April's Studio  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Book charm hanging on the business card

Each card is cut from packaging and hand stamped. With grommet-ting for this project, provided I can get the hang of it!

This is my first project for my new business. We made 75 charms. All in less time than I thought it would take and more fun than I thought was possible!

Thanks Rena for all your encouragement!!

April’s Studio

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  • April, to me the most fab thing about this opportunity is that you created it for yourself. You saw where the MBS gathering was going to be, and created the opportunity to get your mini book charms in front of the right audience. A fantastic way to start your new business. And the Texas state punch was a lucky find – and perfect for the book cover. Your charms will be a fun find in the goody bags! I’d love to hear what happens at the conference! Also, I wonder if any Texas tourism places would be interested in your mini book charms with the Texas punch on the cover?

  • Judith says:

    Thank you for sharing this. This is a great idea.

  • April says:

    Oh Rena, that means a lot! Thank you so much and that is a fabulous idea that I will certainly be checking into 🙂 WOW! Day = Made!!

    Thanks Judith!

  • Natasha Burger says:

    So cute! Do you make the mini books? or source them?

  • April says:

    Natasha, I sourced these due to time constraints. I make mini books that have hand sewn binding and a more traditional, read laborious therefore time consuming, process.

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