“BOO-YAH!!!” Tribal Mask Pendant

by Beverly Borwick.
(Memphis, Tennessee)

Tribal Mask Pendant, story by Beverly Borwick

This great piece called out to me, and there was no release. As I tried to walk away, it continued to draw me back!

Found in a Western-themed antique shop in Oklahoma City in 2015, I could not look away, mesmerized. I felt drawn to its unspoken story, compelled to listen!

Later, having returned to my Memphis home, the design very thoughtfully came together.

I actually tried a couple of times to sell it — for both low and then higher prices, without success. At one point I almost gave it away to a friend; but then I changed my mind.

One morning I decided to be bold and wear it to Church. That’s when I realized it had too great a story to tell to part with it!

"Boo-YAH!" Tribal Mask Pendant, story by Beverly Borwick

“Boo-YAH!” A Native American Holyman of the Great Plains under the Great Sky, with a great call to PEACE among the Plains peoples.

Much more than simply a fascinating conversation piece, which it certainly has been, I’ve had brief, deeply meaningful conversations about the plight and flight of the Native Americans who lived on and loved the LAND way before the Pilgrims traversed Westward.

This fascinating Tribal Mask Pendant has many people to yet meet, and much deep and meaningful communicating and sharing, and perhaps healing to accomplish.

So No, I have decided today for sure that this necklace is not for sale — for any price.

Beverly Borwick
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