Blue Rays Bead Embroidered Bracelet

by Paula Meyncke.
(Wilmington, North Carolina USA)


I used a round blue chalcedony cabochon, and surrounded it with a peyote stitch bezel of delicas, and embroidered rays of silver, gold, bronze, black and a bit more blue/turquoise.

There are seed beads in 11s and 15s, with a few fire polished faceted beads thrown in. It is backed with soft re-purposed black leather, and closes with a stamped pewter button and loop closure.

This piece just flowed for me, and bead embroidery remains one of my favorite techniques.

Paula Meyncke


Love this
by: Lynda

The color combo and design are just gorgeous in this bracelet. They perfectly set off the center stone.

by: Bridgette

I love the colors and the style! Very good work!

by: Maryanne Murphy

I couldn’t help to notice the beautiful work and craftsmanship in this bracelet.

Your colors are lovely, and the way you used the beads to add texture, dimension and movement makes this bracelet a wearable work of art.

I am really awed at the time and talent doing this type of bead-work takes.

Your ArtFire shop is lovely! I think the changes are great. Your shop looks sharp and sophisticated, and your prices are very reasonable.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful bracelet.

many thanks!!
by: Paula Meyncke

Thank you so much for your compliments! I’m glad you like the new look of my ArtFire studio, and that’s exactly what I was going for-clean and sharp! I try to keep prices affordable, and I am thrilled that you enjoy what I do! It’s a passion for me.

Blue Rays bracelet
by: Kate

Paula, I loved the bracelet and wanted to look at your web and your jewellery is delighful.
Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful work!
by: zoraida

Your beadweaving is gorgeous!

This piece is incredible – the colors and design.

Checked out your Artfire studio and your work is really beautiful. I especially liked the twisted collar with Jasper pendant.

All your pieces are lovely.

by: Jewelry By Luet and Co

This bracelet is absolutely stunning! Love the colors, pattern, etc. Very nice!!

thanks for visiting at ArtFire
by: Anonymous

I appreciate some of you stopping at my ArtFire studio to take a look around more of my work. The jasper tear drop necklace is one of my favorites.
Knowing that you enjoy looking at my work just energizes me into coming up with new and different ideas! Bead embroidery can take a long time, but if the ideas are flowing, it goes fairly quickly. Thanks, ladies!

by: Sharon Harris

The colors and patterns are so soft and lovely in this bracelet, not to mention the patience it must have taken to create it.

soothing colors
by: Kathy

Nice embroidery work. The colors are soothing and flow well together. I love it for summer wear.

thanks for commenting!
by: Paula Meyncke

Thank you ladies, for your sweet compliments. I love what I do, and I am thrilled that it shows.

Just a couple of quick questions.
by: Helen

I wanna know what size needle did you use? it would have to be a fairly large one just to make the holes through the leather.
Or did you pre-prick your design so a smaller needle could be used?
Hope to hear from you soon, Paula. Your piece is really lovely.

needles and construction
by: Paula Meyncke

Hi Helen! Thanks for your sweet comments on my bracelet! The beading is done on Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, or heavyweight non-fusible lining. A #10 beading needle glides right through. Now, when the top is done, I bond down the leather to the back of the beading surface. Then, the beaded edging passes through both the surface and the leather (I don’t pre-prick). I try to get the edging on while the glue is still drying, or it gets really tough. I use John James or Lance #10 needles, but I always have #12s on hand too. I took progress photos of a few embroidered projects-you can check them out at

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