A Long Time Coming!

by Shelagh Blatz. (Alberta, Canada) I took a very special custom project on this year from a incredible lady who has waited 40 years for it to come along! Connie and her husband eloped in 1972; John gave Connie a simple gold band for their secret wedding & she proudly wore it every day since. […]

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A Little Dreamcatcher

by Marlies/ Snowwolf Creations. (Fairmont, WV) I had done a jewelry show a few years back and had a customer that wanted a dream catcher earring. I had no idea where to purchase the materials needed. I did have a hoop that I could turn into a dream catcher and designed it from there. It […]

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A Link in Time

by Sandra Howard. (NC) This necklace and earring set was made of leftover pearls and coral. I was trying a wrapping technique and decided to use what I had already started. In finishing I realized that the set was wearable. I have not taken it apart yet. The color combination is versatile and can be […]

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A Different Knotting Technique

by JoAnne. (Marion) I am not physically able to knot pearl necklaces. So I have been turning down requests to restring pearl necklaces that require knotting. Since jewelry repair remains about a third of my income and is highly profitable, I had to find a way to service my customers. Even though my hand tremors […]

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A Circle in a Circle

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) Originally the circle section in the necklace started as an experiment. I wanted to see how a small circle would look inside a larger one that was part of a continuous group. When I finished with the experiment I put away and promptly forgot all about it. A couple […]

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A Checker Board Bracelet

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) Here’s another bracelet that began as an experiment. The initial frame started out as a series of tall loops placed fairly close together. The next step was to weave wire between the loops and make a grid pattern. I knew it would be a bracelet but wasn’t too sure […]

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A butterfly in a field of flowers

by Karol PAYET. (REUNION ISLAND) I created this bronze necklace with a long composition of delicate blooming blossom flowers handmade in purple and pink polymer clay shades. Each flower is patiently handmade by me, petal by petal, one by one. Then I enhanced flowers with a silver ball headpin in the middle and finally assembled […]

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A Better Bead Scoop

by Tricia Dutton. (Bead Booty) I have an alternative to those narrow metal bead scoopers found in most jewelry supply stores. I use drinking straws! They cost just about nothing and come in lots of sizes. Pinching an end and snipping diagonally creates the perfect little tool to scoop up your leftover beads to be […]

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6 in 1 Link Gothic Choker

by Kris. (Ontario, Canada) For this particular piece, I used bronze and black colored enameled copper wire. This is a soft copper wire that is coated in a layer of colored enamel. The coating is flexible and durable and the wire while flexible enough to work with easily holds its shape. I used a tight […]

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512A Sea World Bracelet

by VART Jewelry. (Pasadena, CA) A pretty handmade bracelet that will be a great addition to your wardrobe. I started this bracelet by adding different beach charms and a large blue oval acrylic beads and yellow resin beads. They are attached to an antique brass chain. Charms include antique gold sea shell, sea horse, and […]

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