Light Box for Photographing Jewelry

by Pamela Lo Piccolo. (Bella Piazza Hand Crafted Jewelry) When I first starting taking pictures of my jewelry, I was taking the picture too far away and couldn’t quite get the right light. It was time to learn something about all those features on my camera like the Macro feature and White Balance. If your […]

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Mixing Jewelry Business with Kids

© by Laurie Davis; all rights reserved Do you love making jewelry – but feel that between balancing your family and all their activities, you don’t have enough time to devote to your passion? You’re not alone!   From Interrupting to Interested I have two young children, ages 11 months and 5 years. It seems […]

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The Accidental Jewelry Business

by Catherine D’Arcy. Corazon Latino is now a successful online jewellery business. However, it started by accident and had its share of ups and downs along the way. I never planned to start my own business. To be honest, I didn’t have the nerve – but fate, destiny or perhaps just circumstance intervened and I […]

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Starting a Jewelry Business

© by Nina Cooper; all rights reserved Thinking about starting a jewelry business? You’ve been making jewelry for a while. People always stop to compliment your work and ask where you purchased it. Perhaps you’ve already sold a few pieces. Now you’re thinking about taking the next step and turning your hobby into a business. […]

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Lousy Pictures of Beautiful Pieces

by Jeanna. (NY) I have a Facebook page for my business and I loved the convenience of uploading mobile pictures. However, I was using an LGEnvy 3 and the pictures were nothing anyone would “envy”. They were blurry and would change the colors of my work drastically. I felt like I needed to label the […]

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Handmade – Forged in Fire

by Paul. (USA)   The natural elements of nature … The Ocean waves and natural surroundings – the conflux of rivers and streams inspired this Masterpiece ! Hand Formed from porcelain clay / glazed / fired in kiln at over 1, 800 degrees Thank you Paul SMSdesigns   Comments: Love this piece by: Leigh The […]

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From Concept to Kiln

by Sandy. (U.S.A)   With Nature in Mind , raw clay is used – smooth silky and soft . Landscapes . The curve of the hills … The ” necklace ” of trees around a river. The glazes are all different. Afterwards the Pendants are forged in fire at over 1,800 degrees in the kiln. […]

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511 Floran Resin Focal Necklace

by VART Jewelry. (Pasadena, CA) This lovely piece features a floran painted resin component that measures 44x42mm. Floran resin is two-sided, a unique feature which adds to its appeal. Turn the colorful front over to reveal a rich sepia / rust tone shining through the resin. This focal hangs down from an antique brass bird […]

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