Dancing with Dryads Necklace

by Kim Falat. (Spring Grove, IL, USA) I’ve been revamping my online presence and I wanted a fresh new design to use in my website graphics. So I dug out some of my newest gemstones, and a few older ones, and put this necklace together. I’ve used a delicate sterling silver chain and wire-wrapped freshwater […]

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Art Deco Pendant

by Fran Selinger. (Canada and Grenada) A jeweller friend of mine has been drilling tiny holes in tropical red seeds for one of my designs. She refused any money in payment, so I decided to make a piece of jewelry for her. She has a classic style and I knew that she already had many […]

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June Necklace and Earring Set

by Judith Rudolph. (Thomaston, Maine) With two weddings coming up in our family this summer, my thoughts have naturally turned to bridal jewelry. This necklace set took days to complete, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I always give my necklaces women’s names and this one just had to be named June. It has […]

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Daughters Of Zeus Pendant Necklace

by Kristine Schroeder. (Saint Germain, WI USA) I have a book called “Victorian Jewelry”, a collection of jewelry catalogs from the late 1800s thru early 1900s. It is my go-to book for inspiration. Did you know that before photography became widely accessible, jewelers used to employ artists to draw every single piece of jewelry they […]

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Evolution of a Craft Show Booth

by Kathi Ader. My craft show booth has evolved over the years. I began with a small budget so I improvised…and gradually added and improved over the years. (Notice: I said “years”) My advice: adjust what you read in this article to your tastes and wallet, keep the color palette simple, black and white never […]

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Vineyard Amethyst and Faceted Jade Bracelet.

by Deborah Hall. (South Africa) I used four irregularly shaped chunks of amethyst, smaller amethyst round beads, nearly-clear amethysts, tourmaline chips, sterling silver Bali spacers and three faceted grass-green jade beads for this bracelet. The colors are deep and yummy. I used nylon coated stainless steel wire to string it for strength and durability and […]

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Vintage Button Necklace Made with Old Parts

by Nicole. (Longwood, FL USA) Vintage and Victorian buttons are little works of art. They make the most beautiful jewelry. Here’s a necklace that I designed using an old Victorian Button (ca 1900) that was converted along time ago into a pendant. “Amber Nights” was comprised from the parts of two Deco Era necklaces (ca […]

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Steampunk Propeller Pendant

by Lisa Barge. (San Antonio, Texas) A few years ago I was surfing the web to find different styles that would inspire me and discovered steampunk. I always loved mixing metals and the style just looked like alot of fun. I then discovered that it started out as a literary genre, then moved into music […]

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Steampunk Eve of Destruction

by Tricia Phelps. (Portland Maine) This piece was inspired when this song wouldn’t stop running in my head. The 32 watch parts represent the planets colliding on the Eve of Destruction. This comes with earrings and a brooch which represents the Sun.   Tricia Phelps Comments: Collision in the heavens by: Sharon What a creative […]

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Steampunk Aviator Necklace

by Violette Noble. (Portland, Oregon) Up for your approval this day a glorious necklace that was created using a rare smaller ladies antique pocket watch movement. The movement has all the gears, wheels and parts visible for that true steampunk feeling! Even the little lever on the tiny timing mechanism still works and can be […]

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