Seven Super Jewelry Making Hacks, by Rena Klingenberg - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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Wrapped Wire Loop

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved You can also see my easy video, How to Make a Wrapped Wire Loop, to learn this technique. A wrapped wire loop is much more secure than a simple wire loop because it can’t come open accidentally. Here’s how to make one quickly and easily. Tutorial: How to […]

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Wrapped with love

by Dita Basu. (Walnut Creek, California, USA) I was studying about the healing qualities of gem stones lately. I came to know about turquoise that helps in communication – as if, turquoise helps the shy person speak up… There were some lapis also on my tray and I came to know that lapis gives awareness, […]

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Wild Daisies Fused Dichroic Glass Pendant

by Judy Anderson. (Scottsdale, AZ) This 1″ square pendant is on a gold plated bail. The dichroic layers are in shades of red, blue, green and magenta. The background glass is dark red and it is covered with clear glass. The daisy decal is fused right into the glass. I handcut the sheets of dichroic […]

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Winter Frost

by Dianne Culbertson. (Waterville, Maine)   I fell in love with this large Hill Tribe Poinsettia. I have wanted to do a monochromatic piece in silver for some time now but the materials are so costly. My husband talked me into it, telling me it was time to take my work to the next level. […]

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Winter Wish Bangle

by Linda. (New York, NY) This is a bracelet made for a dreamer. It’ll make your day a little more magical. It began with of random wishes scrawled in blue and purple archival ink. Then the list was wrapped all around the bangle, on both the inside and the outside. Here are just a few […]

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Wire and Bead Necklace

by Joni. (Grapevine, Tx) These have a bird nest quality. I’m now adding different shaped beads. I get a lot of positive feedback when I wear any of these out. Joni Comments: beautiful by: Abigail Robichon They really are beautiful.

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Wire and Beads

by Joni Barger. (Grapevine, Tx) These pieces are all made from jewelry wire and various beads. I crochet the wire into a shape I like the add beads to that. Joni Barger   Comments: This one by: Sally Beautiful–Like the lime green and gems.

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Wire Butterfly

by Lisa. (Alabama) I decided to make this after drawing a butterfly on paper out of boredom, and decided it would look great as a necklace pendant. I was thinking of adding some color to it later. Lisa Comments: Love it by: Anonymous I really like the design of the butterfly. make sure you update […]

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Wire Coil Bangle

by zoraida. (patchogue, ny) I’ve always loved bangle bracelets and worn a variety of them but found it difficult to make one that was comfortable enough to wear all the time. I tend to leave my bracelet on indefinitely. After several attempts, I had collected several discarded parts of these bracelets. Since I often go […]

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