More Steel Work

by Lynda. (Fresh Baked Designs) Steel is strong, industrial, and hard. Silk is soft, rich, and fragile. Together they make a wonder contrast of texture, color, and feel in this necklace. Using dark annealed steel wire that was first scrubbed with 400 grit sand paper to remove most of the black coating, I added some […]

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All American

by Joan Williams. (Springfield, MO) Another visit to the antique store, and some more fun stuff pulled out of a junk box! The base of this mixed media pin is the nameplate off of an old bicycle. I flattened it, added some patriotic emphemera, enhanced it with a little Gilders paste and finished it with […]

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by Shannon Jeffery. (Little Rock, Arkansas) Cuff made from vintage metal decorative fan with hand wired beads. Shannon Jeffery   Comments: Who would have thought by: Leigh That a vintage metal fan would end up being a great piece of jewelery. VERY Clever! by: Suz You have a great sense of creativity and imagination to […]

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Airship Pirate Pocket Watch

by Camille and Bill Williams. (Oroville, California, USA) Like a perfect estate find this fine engraved bronze antique style Roman mechanical pocket watch has precision engineered mechanical jeweled movement, see-through front acrylic cover and mineral glass rear window to allow viewing of the entire movement and back and forth rotation of the balance wheel as […]

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Airship Pilot Wings

by Melissa Harris. (Lake Worth, FL) I got inspired to make this by looking at the designs of other steampunk inspired jewelry. I found that the pilot wings are a fun and variable creation. There is no limit to what design you can make with them. Melissa Harris Comments: Airship Pilot Wings by: Rena Cool […]

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Agate Buddha Earrings

by MaryAnn Braun. (Charlotte, NC) These Peaceful Beauties are made of hand carved agate. These earrings show the many faces of Buddha. They hang gracefully from hand bent, 100% Copper Ear Wire and are surrounded on Top and Bottom with Beautiful Golden Swarovski Crystals. Bring a little Buddha Energy into your life. Length from bend […]

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Childrens’ Jewellery Parties

(Sydney Australia) Hello, I am looking at doing jewellery parties for children aged 4yrs to 13yrs. I would very much appreciate any info or tips in relation to starting out. What beads are required for the different age groups, wires/strings etc, and whether it can be lucrative or not. Thank you so much. Anna Sydney […]

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Airship Princess

by Kaitlin Brown. (Georgia, USA) This piece was made using several spare bits of jewelry and beads, some decades old and some brand new. I didn’t want to do the typical gears and cogs bit for this particular necklace, so I focused on the use of found objects, the crystals and pearls of the Victorian […]

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My First Story on a Web Page

(United Kingdom) Hi there, My name is Liz and like everyone I have my heart set on making Jewellery. I must tell you that I am a little nervous sharing this story with others and asking for every ones opinion. My family love my jewellery however I do not know if they being kind or […]

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6 Ways to Power Up Your Jewelry Business

6 Ways to Power Up Your Jewelry Business - - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

by Luann Udell. (Keene, New Hampshire) 1.  ‘Different’ can be good, in the right venue. When I first started selling my highly eclectic jewelry, I tried a lot small local shows, including some that sounded quite prestigious and were sponsored by good organizations – a university alumni group, local private school fairs (Waldorf et al.), […]

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