512A Sea World Bracelet

by VART Jewelry. (Pasadena, CA) A pretty handmade bracelet that will be a great addition to your wardrobe. I started this bracelet by adding different beach charms and a large blue oval acrylic beads and yellow resin beads. They are attached to an antique brass chain. Charms include antique gold sea shell, sea horse, and […]

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512 Floran Resin Focal Earrings

by VART Jewelry. (Pasadena, CA) These light weight earrings feature floran painted resin components that hangs down from an antique brass ear wire. Floran resin is two-sided, a unique feature which adds to its appeal. Turn the colorful front over to reveal a rich sepia / rust tone shining through the resin. These earrings are […]

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Zulu Tea

by Terri Wlaschin. (Rockville, MD) I love doing unexpected things with beads. Or, should I say having beads lead me to something unexpected. The zebra motif on the conch shells gave me the idea of transforming seashells into something fabulously tribal… yet sophisticated enough for afternoon Tea! Terri Wlaschin Starseed Jewelry   Comments: Necklace and […]

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A Strange Collection

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) I’ve been thinking about this particular challenge for several days. No firm ideas until I was emptying out a drawer and found two sets of “blousing springs” and one of my favorite watches from when I was teaching. For anyone who might not be familiar with blousing springs they […]

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A Spiral Earring

by Aya Sugita. (Egypt) I made this earring with wire ( 1 mm ) and semi precious black stones. It’s easily made, doesn’t take time and gives a new and unique look. Aya Sugita   Comments: thumbs up for creative and fresh ideas by: Mona Rady Impressive chic and unique….grear choice of colors elegant and […]

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Yellow and Blue Crystals with Amber Shells

by 123bling. (United States) These earrings have yellow and blue Swarovski crystals on sterling silver butterfly headpins. I fell in love with the butterflies and thought they looked charming “fluttering” in the amber shells. Sterling silver earwires to finish the earrings.   Comments: Shells and butterflies by: Rena The tiny butterflies inside are a cute […]

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Yellow Flowers

by dea-line. (Romania) A bracelet made up of ribbon and organza flowers, a bracelet in bright yellow to make us almost feel the intensity of the color. dea-line Comments: Very summery by: Anonymous Love the color choice, it makes the piece think summer and fresh. Yellow flowers by: Purple Slug Glass Art LLC Beautiful bracelet! […]

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Yin Yang Copper Bracelet

by zoraida. (patchogue, ny) While playing with copper wire, I somehow made this spiral that become, what looked like, a Yin Yang symbol. I thought it’d make a cool center for a bracelet.     Originally, the sides were coiled wire. I was never happy with it, so I took it apart. It seemed stiff […]

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