Bottle Cap Necklace Display Trees

by Paula. (W.F IL) My bottle cap necklace holder came about because I make Bottle Cap Necklaces. I used soda bottles and filled them with gems, rhinestones, sequins, glitter. I use wire to hang necklaces off of. I’ve seen a necklace display that was a tree, so instead of a tree I basically made the […]

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Beading Birthday Party Flyer

by Rena Klingenberg. © 2003-Present Rena Klingenberg. All Rights Reserved One of the fastest, easiest ways to grow your beading birthday party business is to hand out enticing flyers describing your parties. Not sure what this type of beading party business involves? See my Girls’ Birthday Bracelet Beading Party article for everything you need to […]

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Bracelet Making Jewelry Parties

by Gina Rower. (Ellicott City, MD, USA) Just started a Birthday / Bling Fling party business. My first party was this past weekend and it was a huge success. What a blast to see this group of nine year old girls become creative… little jewelry designers!!! Thanks to the bracelet beading party idea that came […]

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Girl’s Jewelry Birthday Party

by Claire DeRosa. (To Be Me Jewelry) I was asked to do a Girl’s Jewelry Birthday Party for 11 girls ages 5 to 8 yrs. old. Thanks to Rena Klingenberg’s wonderful advice on doing a Birthday Bracelet Beading Party, I was able pull this off and have loads of fun with these great kids! It […]

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African Wedding – Mali Wedding Beads

by Paula Gaete. (Watertown, Massachusetts) People often ask me, “What are the most colorful African beads?” The answer is simple: Mali Wedding Beads. In one strand of these beautiful African wedding beads, you will find beads varying in up to 40 different colors, shapes, and designs. These handmade beads are said to be given to […]

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African Evenings

by Helen. (Toronto Canada) Artisan jewellery!! I love its quirkiness. I learned a new technique and, of course, started playing with it. The technique: Zulu Flowerette Chain ~ I found it at the library, in Diane Fitzgerald’s ‘Zulu Inspired Beadwork,’ Interweave Press, 2007 ISBN 978-1-59668-034-0. The appearance is of cascading flowerpots overflowing with colourful flowers. […]

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African Colors Necklace

African Colors Necklace - Sharon Harris

by sharon Harris. (Bloomington, MN) I’m crazy about African Kazuri Beads and take every opportunity to use them in my jewelry. There is an endless variety available and they are completely handmade made in Kenya under an International Fair Trade Agreement that provides decent wages and working conditions for women supporting impoverished families. If you […]

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Adding Bead Caps to Make Your Jewelry Pop

by 123bling. (United States) When I am making earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, I have found that the addition of bead caps really brings new attention to the bead and turns a plain bead such as a pearl into something that pops. Different styles of bead cap create different effects from dainty and elegant to more […]

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Copper Statement

by Nancy Celeste. (Celestial Designs) I’ve been delving into fold forming copper sheet.   I love using hammers and other shaping tools. Here are a few of my latest. Nancy Celeste Celestial Designs at Etsy

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Through the Looking Glass

by Lynda. (Spring Valley, CA) This necklace has been quite a process for me. Starting with hand forming steel wire frames. Added an illustration and text from the first chapter and first page of the Lewis Carroll classic (one dollar used book). It’s a love / hate relationship. Love the black and white illustrations…but the […]

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