Bad Cat Jewelry Mini Cards

by ME. (badcatjewelry) I am using these: from overnightprints. I uploaded my business card design, cropped it, and bought these. They match everything, I use a hole punch and slip the tag onto bracelets or necklaces. ME Bad Cat Jewelry at Etsy Take a minute to check out ME’s Bad Cat Jewelry business cards […]

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Body & Soul Jewelry

by Melanie Peckham. (East TN) I ordered my first set of business cards from Vistaprint a couple months ago. I loved them, but the colors turned out darker on the cards than what I was seeing on my monitor. I actually liked the printed background color better because it’s more of a burgundy/maroon instead of […]

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Black Necklace Display Makes Opalite Glow

by Rena Klingenberg. A black velvet necklace display easel makes an awesome backdrop for large opalite pendants on black rubber cords. Opalite is a translucent milky glass with interesting color-change properties. (It’s also sometimes known as “sea opal glass”.) When you put it against a dark background, it almost looks like it’s glowing – and […]

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Bifold Door Total Jewelry Display

by Vicky Greene. (Nodaway, IA) My partner discovered your website and showed me a picture of a Trifold Door turned into a Jewelry Display. We had a Bifold Door in the attic and decided to make our own. I had some head and hand displays, wood and brought some fabrics and decorative nails to hang […]

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Baskets, Boxes & Buckets

by Linda Finnie. (Nova Scotia, Canada) I hand make all my jewellery designs once only, so each piece is unique. It is more difficult to display for that very reason. I recently found a couple of square shallow baskets for $5 each, turned them upside down and put my bolder designs on it. I also […]

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Barbie’s Glossy Earring Cards

by Barbara Herndon. (Indianapolis) Hi! I designed my own business card (in just the right shade of green – you know how it is!) Then, to make my earring cards match my business card, I just created a business card graphic which included a 2X2″ earring card, and a 1.5X2″ tag for other jewelry pieces. […]

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Asymmetrical Display

by Pauline Salvucci. (Maine) I like this design for a couple of reasons. First, the combination of the white frosted modern mannequin sitting on very soft chiffon material, and second the placement of the necklace itself. I placed it asymmetrically on the bust and it works, I think, precisely because it offers both a sophisticated […]

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Another Display Idea for Bracelet

by Dita Basu. (California, USA) Thank you for your wonderful ideas and comments, my friends, regarding bracelet displays and using cylindrical things. As Rena said, “Think out of the box” I took it literally and used a candle. This candle has a soft warm off-white glow, which kind of flatters the bracelets. Actually, I sold […]

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