Seven Super Jewelry Making Hacks, by Rena Klingenberg - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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Pickin’ Golden Garnets

Pickin' Golden Garnets by Brittany Gentile - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Brittany Gentile. (Louisiana) Here’s my story… One day while I was going through my jewelry supplies to make design a new piece I came across some golden hoops and some 6mm garnet beads. I decided to put them together. I used some gold wire to wire wrap the garnets to the hoops and used […]

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My Most Intricate Jewelry To Date

My Most Intricate Jewelry To Date by Sara Delfin - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Sara Delfin. (Denver, Colorado) I electroformed this piece for my cousin. She sourced the “devils claw” from our hometown in the SW so this was sentimental to make ( I gave her a really great price). I spent a full week making this piece; Prepped, painted, electroformed for hours, sanded, electroformed some more, and […]

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Hummingbird, Come Fly Home Necklace

Hummingbird, Come Fly Home by Brenda Swiger - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Brenda Swiger. (Jefferson, Maryland) A few years ago, I designed this hummingbird necklace. It is my “signature piece” at Nora Roberts’ gift shop in Boonsboro, MD, where I sell my jewelry as Bella Beads and Wire. The branch pendant comes in three beautiful colors of rhodium (silver), satin gold, and bronze. The “eggs” in […]

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Back to Beading

Back to Beading by Dianne - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Dianne. (Vermont) After 10 years of bead weaving, I discovered metals and enameling and fell in love. Since all the shops are closed and I have plenty of inventory, I decided to do some beadwork and make some more patterns. I wanted to do text, but didn’t want to test them on cuffs, so […]

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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go…

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go... by Lynda Carson - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Lynda Carson. (Spring Valley, CA) I made these five pair of earrings as thank you gifts for the leadership team of our annual Women’s Retreat about two months ago…it would have been this coming weekend. We were able to book for next year, but April, 2021 seems like such a long time away. I […]

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Wire and Other Things!

Wire and Other Things! by LuElla Spears - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by LuElla Spears. (Toledo, OH) Having been isolated at home for over a month, I’ve had opportunity to try different things, to think about how to improve on my new found love of wire jewelry and to continue in my 30 year love of beads, stone, glass and crystal in particular. Here’s just a few […]

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Rainbow for Key Workers

Rainbow for Key Workers, by Mary Hughes - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Mary Hughes. (North Wales) I was inspired to make this rainbow by seeing similar items on Facebook. I used wire and bent the required number so they created the curve of a rainbow, making loops at each end. I then wire wrapped the crystals to each curve then wired the curves together. The drops […]

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