Leather Crochet Agate Necklace

Leather Crochet Agate Necklace by Denise Bellinger - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Denise Bellinger. (Riverside, Ca.) I recently attended the San Diego Gem Faire for the first time as I usually attend it in Costa Mesa. I came across these super beautiful shaped large Agate beads. I thought I would try crocheting with 1mm leather this time as I usually use S-Lon nylon cord. To my […]

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Seven Super Jewelry Making Hacks, by Rena Klingenberg - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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Cuff for Judy

Cuff for Judy by Nata Shubin - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Nata Shubin. (Sierra Foothills of Northern California) Judy had this beautiful cabochon cut by a person she knew out of a locally found stone. In other words, a very special cabochon. Can you do something with it? She asked. I can try, I replied. And here is what happened. Judy wore her new bead […]

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Jewelry Display Cards

Jewelry Display Cards by Paris C. - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Paris C. (NY) For my necklaces I decided to create my own jewelry display cards through laser printing! By creating my own cards not only have I cut costs, but I also have more design control. They’re a light blue card stock, which contrasts my gold and black acrylic pendant beautifully. At the sides […]

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Exploring Leather – Hoops, Bracelets and Beads

Exploring Leather - Hoops, Bracelets and Beads by Melissa Jones - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Melissa Jones. (Annapolis, MD) After seeing some interesting designs online, I decided to try my hand at making some leather jewelry. Careful measuring and not getting my fingers in the glue are all challenges for someone who usually works with freeform wire! I started simple, with leather hoop earrings, then added beaded components. After […]

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Fun with Alcohol Inks

Fun with Alcohol Inks by Mary Alps - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Mary Alps. (Ontario, Canada) Rena, your post about alcohol ink inspired me to try it, and I’m addicted! There are so many tools you can use to move the ink around, or just let them blend together and see what results. I use paintbrushes, makeup sponges, toothpicks, and my hair dryer. My newest passion […]

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Easy Set Up Earring Display

Easy Set Up Earring Display by Misty Doy - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Misty Doy. (Canonsburg, PA) I’m fairly new to the craft show circuit, but the first thing I knew I had to work on was set up time. I have over 300 pairs of just novelty earrings, and putting them on traditional earring racks, then removing them at the end of the day, was taking […]

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Leather Jewelry Flowers

Leather Jewelry Flowers by Linda Lohraff - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Linda Lohraff. (Berrien Center, Michigan) I used a Sizzix Big Shot to make the leather flowers. This is fun and easy to do and I used a soft metallic leather to do this. The flowers actually look like metal so most people have a hard time telling the difference. I wire wrapped the pieces […]

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Sealing Oxidized Wire and Ear Wires?

Sealing Oxidized Wires and Earwires? - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Jude Moscatello. (Chapel Hill, NC) . I’m experimenting with oxidizing / darkening brass, copper and bronze wire for handmade ear wires and other wire projects. I’m wondering if after the oxidation process, the ear wires need to be sealed. If so, can anyone share tips on natural oxidation processes and also what natural sealants are […]

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