Clouds of Color with Beads

by Jackie Locantore. (Bridgewater, MA) If you are like me, you have more beads than you can ever foresee using! I wound up with lots of “leftover” gemstone beads, so I decided to combine a bunch of them, trying to use about the same size for each, and uniting them with the filler seed beads. […]

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Bracelets with Chain and Wire

Bracelets with Chain and Wire, by Kathy Zee.

by Kathy Zee. (Fiddletown, CA) I have boxes of chain and artistic wire and I bought these center pieces from Michaels over a year ago. I needed to get inspired and this is what i came up with. The first one is a dragonfly connector with 20 g wire, and faceted glass beads wrapped with […]

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Seven Super Jewelry Making Hacks, by Rena Klingenberg - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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Breaking a Creative Logjam

Breaking a Creative Logjam by Terri Wlaschin - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Terri Wlaschin. (Key West, FL) I recently started selling my poly clay earrings to a local store. As we discussed ideas, they suggested I might want to use a “signature” shape that customers connect me with. That idea took a moment to hatch in me. I think of myself as a create as you […]

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Buffalo Spirit

Buffalo Spirit, by Marlies G Derby

by Marlies G Derby. (Salisbury, MD) I started this back in April and took about 3 months to finish. I let the piece talk in her own way and let me know what designs she wanted to come through. It was definitely healing as I had to focus on listening to her. A small area […]

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Mango Moon Collection in Poly Clay

Mango Moon Collection in Poly Clay by Terri Wlaschin

by Terri Wlaschin. (United States) My latest love is creating veneers on raw poly clay and then making jewelry from that. This earrings were made using just such a process. They are my Mango Moon collection. I was looking to create a medium dark blue background and bright pops of color in the form of […]

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Lava Beaded Necklace

Lava Beaded Necklace, by Sande Gene

by Sande Gene. (Phoenix, AZ USA) A friend gave me a string of Lava beads. At first glance they were not a very pretty bead. Then I took a second look and remembered a pattern from Beadwork magazine that I had wanted to try and now it seemed I had the perfect beads. They are […]

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Jewelry Fruits of Covid

Fruits of Covid, by Elizabeth A Reid

by Elizabeth A Reid. (Rockville, MD) This solitary time due to Covid has resulted in some wonderful new ways to learn since we can’t attend actual classes. I took advantage of the opportunity to learn a new process in enameling from Kieu Pham Gray on Zoom. It was most economical for me just to learn […]

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Grandma’s Jewelry Treasure Box

Grandma's Jewelry Treasure Box by Jackie Locantore

by Jackie Locantore. (Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA) I am now the “grandma” of the title, with 6 grandchildren. When they come to stay with me, they love looking through my various “treasure boxes” for goodies to take home. I inherited a treasure trove of goodies from my mom, and I have continued to add to it […]

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Source for Raw Gem Stone Cutting?

Raw Gem Stone Cutting Resources, by Lynn Callahan

by Lynn Callahan. (Kernersville, North Carolina) Please tell me someone near me, (mid-state, North Carolina) that can cut or  facet into a pendant, my large Amethyst stone that I found gem mining. The lapidary on site at the gem mine was backed up working stones for 8 months out. (Emerald Hollow).I have googled, looked on […]

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Welcome Autumn Jewelry!

Welcome Autumn Jewelry! by Dianne Jacques

by Dianne Jacques. (United States) Autumn is my favorite season, but I live in Vermont so that probably goes without saying! It’s definitely my easiest time to create, given the glorious colors surrounding me. The grass is still green, but oh, those sugar maples with their resplendent kaleidoscope of fall hues! Dianne Jacques

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Autumn Beauty – Carnelian

Autumn Beauty - Carnelian by Michelle Maple

by Michelle Maple. (Dover NH USA) Bought a couple strands of beautiful carnelian beads. They are perfect for fall!! I haven’t been creating much lately but these beads inspired me to get back into the swing!! Michelle Maple Ladybug Jewelry

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