Seven Super Jewelry Making Hacks, by Rena Klingenberg - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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Trouble Finding Customers for My Jewelry

Trouble Finding Customers for My Jewelry - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

by Sue. I offer sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. This seems to be overshadowed by the “Make Your Own” and all types of other jewelry that isn’t silver. I can’t understand why this is happening when these types are sometimes being priced higher than the jewelry I sell. It’s discouraging. Can you help me to […]

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Flower Power Necklace

Flower Power Necklace by Nancy Rocknich - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Nancy Rocknich. (Estes Park, Colorado) Inspired by the wild flowers blooming this summer, I have made this necklace. On a netted base I applied the seed bead flowers. This is such a great necklace it drapes well and is lightweight and easy to wear. The wild flowers this year have been fantastic due to […]

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Inherited Loose Gems to Jewelry

by Debra Lowe. (Denver) Sadly, my mother in law passed away in June 2018. Prior to her death, she showed me some loose stones that she wanted me to have. Her husband bought them, and never had them set. When I got them, I was amazed at the beauty and cut. Two ametrine and one […]

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Black Oak, Etched Copper Necklace

Black Oak, Etched Copper Necklace by Cherie Somerville - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Cherie Somerville. (southeast Arizona) Creating various landscapes is one of my favorite things to do when etching copper pieces. Desert/mountain landscapes are fun, but trees are my favorite! I’m completely into the minute intricacy of all the tight little twist & turns of branch & leaf tip (and crescent moon, in this case!), and […]

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Natural Turquoise Cuff

Natural Turquoise Cuff by Denise Bellinger - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Denise Bellinger. (Riverside, Ca.) I forgot how fun & easy these cuffs are to make. I take my copper piece hammer, oxidize and shape it to form a cuff. Then I take my stones and wire of choice. I always like to use a clear sealer on my cuffs for lasting color. Denise Bellinger […]

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