Making a Focal Straight

Making a Focal Straight - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

by Pat Williamson. (Minneapolis, Mn) Occasionally I will have problems getting my focal to hang straight and not turn while wearing it. Are there any guidelines to use to keep this from happening? I’ve been told it is probably a weight issue but that’s not always the case. I’ve tried several ways using different jump […]

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Rainy Day Charm Necklace

Rainy Day Charm Necklace by Sydney - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Sydney. (Missouri) A cold and rainy day in The Ozarks sparked the idea for this necklace. I was searching through my stash of beads for some much needed inspiration, and I ran across these little blue Czech glass teardrops. I began to ponder the rain, and formulated this tassel necklace using quartz, imperial jasper […]

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Seven Super Jewelry Making Hacks, by Rena Klingenberg - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

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Turquoise and metal statement necklace

Turquoise and Metal Statement Necklace by Lynn - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Lynn. (Montreal) Abstract art has always been my favorite, and that goes for jewelry too. That is why more than 50% of my designs are architectural, asymmetrical. I made this piece with two different larger metal pieces, one of which I made out of wax sheet myself and then got a rubber mold made […]

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Holiday Bling

Holiday Bling by Chris Rehkop - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Chris Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) I’ve had a creative streak going lately, and have been busy adding to my jewelry stash, in preparation for two craft shows this season. I was thinking of designing something a little different for holiday bling, and used materials I already had on-hand, and came up with these pieces. Chris […]

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Mom’s Gift

Mom's Gift by Cherie Somerville - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Cherie Somerville. (Southeastern Arizona) This is a set, made for my mom as a birthday gift. Making the bracelet gave me the opportunity to figure out a clasp for it, making it a more secure cuff. The first one I’d made for my mum a couple years ago was lost, so I wanted to […]

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Goodbye Silver (for Now), Hello Copper

Goodbye Silver (for Now), Hello Copper by Irene Vrbensky - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

by Irene Vrbensky. (Mississauga, Ontario) Lately, I have been attracted to using copper in my pieces instead of silver. I found these unique copper spacers and strung them with blue faceted calsilica jasper. For the middle focal bead I used an electroplated copper lava bead. I’m pretty happy with the finished product and am looking […]

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