Creating with Gemstone Chips

Creating with Gemstone Chips, by Candy Carlile

by Candy Carlile. (Central Texas) If you enjoy working with gemstones, but find the prices a bit steep, you might consider the vast array of beautiful gemstone chips available for jewelry making. There are also a variety of glass chips in every hue. I also do wire work, so combining wire and chips has worked […]

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Native American Inspired Cuff

Native American Inspired Cuff by Virginia Milner

by Virginia Milner. (United States) With Native American Heritage Day coming up (on November 27, 2020) I decided to create a pretty cuff with a Native American inspired pattern. All you need is 2 rings of memory wire, 20 gauge artistic wire, and seed beads. I made my own eye pins so that I could […]

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Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead by Virginia Milner

by Virginia Milner. (United States) I’ve been very taken with the fun and creativity of “chaos beads” lately. And I thought that chaotic, twisted wire could be the perfect backdrop for a Day of the Dead theme. I extended the beads to a 3 inch bar, added crystal skulls and bright red roses – and […]

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Seed Bead Designing

by Sharon Wise. (Bonne Terre MO) I love the colors and variety of seed beads. There’s something meditative about seeing a pattern develop and your design coming to life. I’ve tried lots of beading ideas using other beads but I seem to return to seed beads. SHARON Wise Wise Design

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How To Store Varnished Jewelry?

How To Store Varnished Jewelry?

by Char. (USA) I make handmade items from air dry clay. They are mostly earring charms. The clay is sculpted, dried, painted, and then varnished. I use a polyurethane varnish on my pieces in varying levels of shine (gloss, satin, and matte).I am not sure how I should store my varnished items. I am worried […]

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What Did You Say? Earring Arrangement

What did you say? by Lynda C.

by Lynda C. (Spring Valley, CA) I read somewhere that when you photograph earrings, you should tilt them toward each other as if they are in conversation…talking to each other. What could these two be chatting about, I wonder? Frames made from 20 g. gold craft wire with faceted glass beads. Super easy to make […]

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Small Business Event Designs

by Chris Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) My community kicked-off “Second Saturday” small business/crafter events in August. I participated twice, and am preparing for November and December shows. Sales were sporadic, but are getting better. I joined a local small business group on Facebook, where I can share designs. I’ve had great feedback, but want to share […]

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Bohemian Bracelets with Wire and Fabric

Bohemian Bracelets, by Susan I Pickering

by Susan I Pickering. (United States) I was inspired this summer by your tutorial on adjustable metal fabric wrapped bracelets to create this collection from materials I had: copper wire, fabric scraps left from covid-mask making, assorted beads and charms. I followed your clear instructions, then improvised where the materials led me. One change I […]

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Same Beads, Different Styles

Same Beads, Different Styles, by Jennifer Prim

by Jennifer Prim. (California) I started off making the strung necklace, inspired by fall colors; as I gazed at my leftover beads, I had a new inspiration! Why not two different versions? I am curious to know who is drawn to which style. Jennifer Prim Indigo Jen Jewelry Designs

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